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Trimming Up!

Ok December brides so besides planning the biggest day of our lives, organising Christmas and for some a honeymoon we also need to find the time to trim up!

When is everyone doing it?

I was going to do mine Sunday but its my hen do Saturday so think I might be the worse for wear image

H2B is going out this Friday so think I'll pour myself a mulled wine, put the Christmas tunes on and so my trimming then!

Merry Christmas xxx


  • I'll be doing mine dec 10th. Always have and always will. I't been a tradition since i was little as it's also my birthday. Only 3 days after the wedding though so we'll see if it still happens or wether i'll just be wanting to relax!
  • garethpgarethp Posts: 447
    We are not putting any decorations up - as we get married next saturday but then are away until xmas eve and there doesn't really seem much point.

    My friend is appauled that we wont be putting any up and she is having a key to our house when we're away so the chances are she might put a few bits up for our return!! xx
  • Hey its my bday on sat so might wait until the weekend after, h2b is going on another hen night! for the people who could not go away with him to prague, so i might do what shazzigi is doing and get myself a bottle of wine and put the tree up - with lots of christmas music and get all excited about x mas and my wedding on the 23rd!!
  • missycukmissycuk Posts: 193
    I am going to put my tree on either friday or saturday.. I love having the decorations up and getting into the christmas spirit! Am so excited xxx
  • H2b is getting the tree on Saturday, then when I get back from my hen-do on Sunday we are going to put it up.
  • Oh dear Shazzi, think your post got lost in translation for me - I've never heard the term 'triming up' - thought you were talking about hair removal for a minute!!! Erm....not sure when I'm doing either of those!!!
  • Lazybride LOL, i did question myself before i posted,thought i could always claim to be innocent if it was meant the other way!!!
  • SuzMcHSuzMcH Posts: 635
    Thought it was just me, I was also thinking you were enquiring about my bikini wax !

    Tree is going up 8/9th Dec. Not getting married till 28th and not on H'moon till 6th Jan so plenty of time to enjoy all the trimmings !

    btw, bikini wax is a bit of an issue as want to get it done before the wedding but then it will have a week to regrow before h'moon. Not sure when I'm getting that done,lol. Suz x
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