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When is everyone getting married?

Thought we could create a list so we know who is getting married next?!

Already Married

Evangeline - 15th December 4pm

FMrsSP - 16th December

mrs borrill 2b - 20th December 1pm

Getting Married...

EmmyW - 21st December 1pm

missyc - 21st December 2pm

welshe - 22nd December 1pm

kittykath - 22nd December 1pm

yatg1 - 22nd December 2pm

clairejs1705 - 22nd December 4pm

Jody Louise - 23rd December 1pm

mrsthorley2b - 23rd December 2pm

tlp2b - 23rd December 3.30pm

sarkee - 24th December 2.30pm

Me - 28th December 1pm

Murrs - 28th December 1.30pm

Snowflake - 28th December 3pm

SuzMcH - 28th December 3.30pm

WinterPrincess - 28th December 3.30pm

MrsWynne2B - 28th December

womblini - 28th December

mrsbilous - 29th December 2pm

Lazybride - 29th December 2pm

Nicola1 - 29th December 3pm

JJ 2b - 29th December 4pm

Alison64 - 30th December 1pm

NYE Bride - 31st December 3pm

wifey07 - 31st December

**mrst2b** - 31st December

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  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    Me - 21st December at 1pm. AAAAGGGHHHH!!!! so so so so so so so nervous!!!
  • New Years Eve!! 20 days to go...WOW!
  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353

    FIVE days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    My emotions really are all over the place. Anyone else feel the same??? It sounds really weird and I totally hope its not just me but a small part of me has got so nervous and irritated within mini problems that I cant actaully be bothered with the whole thing. And the next minute I'm jumping up and down with excitement!
  • Hiya,

    I get married at 1pm on 30 December at the Empire State Building in New York ... cant wait!!

  • We are getting married at gretna on new years eve!!

    Lyndsey x
  • 28th December (17 days and still no nerves!) is that bad? Has everyone else got nerves yet. I seem to be really fed up with it all and have had 2 couples pull out last minute this week I can't believe some people.

    Rach xx:\(
  • I get married on the 22nd December at 1pm, not at all nervous yet just very excited!!
  • yatg1yatg1 Posts: 284
    22nd December at 2pm! Can't wait!
  • I'm the 28th! Only 17 sleeps! hee hee. xx
  • Hi Rach - we get married on the same day and I'm not nervous at all really, just get really excited all of a sudden!
  • tcheynetcheyne Posts: 133
    23rd December at 3:30pm- not nervous exactly but have generalised anxiety for no reason- everything seems to be going fine at the moment- touch wood!! Have ocassional episodes of extreme excitiement but not for a few days. Think I must be due another dose soon- just got to get the Orders of Ceremony finished first
  • Nice to see there are a few of us on the 28th I feel much better now!! I am getting wed at 4pm so its by candlelight. I say I'm not stressed but I keep drinking buckets of wine so that my be helping LOL

    Rach xx
  • I'm the same as Welshe, 22nd December at 1pm - not long to go!
  • katepukkatepuk Posts: 106
    I'm another one for the 28th - 3pm.
  • We are getting married on 23rd December at 1:00pm in Worsley, Manchester xx
  • 29th 3pm arghhhh!!!!

    Nik xxx
  • SuzMcHSuzMcH Posts: 635
    28th December for me too. 3.30pm. Not feeling too nervous yet, but just found out I'm pregnant so I'm feeling nervous about that instead !! Suz x
  • Oh Suz

    Thats lovely news. Will the guests know or are u keeping it a secret?

  • missycukmissycuk Posts: 193
    21st December at 2pm eek!! Can't believe we are in single figures xxx Can't wait to break up from work on Friday then I can really concentrate on all the last minute stuff xxx
  • 15th December at 4pm. This Saturday!!!!
  • 23rd December at 2pm - 10 days to go - aaarrrrggghhhh!
  • im 22nd december at 4pm or 4,30pm as my hubby 2B keeps telling everyone, i have sent him an invite now just so he can check on the day !!!
  • SuzMcHSuzMcH Posts: 635
    Hi Rach, keeping it a secret for now. Still trying to let it sink in. Just going to tell everyone afterwards and say that I didn't even notice as I was so stressed with wedding stuff i just assumed it was late due to that. Fingers crossed all will be OK. Suz x
  • You forgot me! (although I haven't posted on here for ages, so my own faultimage)

    I'm getting married at 2pm on the 29th December!

    I can't believe after 2 years of planning it's finally here!!

    x x

  • hello! Not long to go now! 3pm on New Year's Eve for me! Not nervous yet but I have a shocking memory at the moment! NYEB x
  • sarkeesarkee Posts: 35
    Im 24th at 2.30pm, 11 days now!!! Goodluck everyone, hope you all have fantastic days. xxxx
  • Hello i only signed up for this site last week (bit late i know) but i'm getting married on the 20th Dec at 1pm. Slightly unusual being a thursday but this was the date we originally booked for next year (which will be a sat) and we wanted to keep it the same. Slightly nervous - keep thinking i must have forgotton something, still haven't had final bridesmaids fittings yet (thats tomorrow's job) h2b off to pick up suit today still finishing off Xmas shopping but atleast my dress is all sorted. Han x
  • Hi Han - welcome!!! Will add you now x
  • 28th dec at 3.30pm in Cottingham Near Hull. So excited!

    Emma x
  • Hey ........ hope its not too late to join in I am the 29th at 4pm. Yeayyyy

    have just started to check the weather forecast daily.... Good luck and best wishes to all of you XXX JJ
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