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I am married!!! :D

Well I just had to log on quickly from my honeymoon suite to let you all know hat WE DID IT!!! It could not have been more perfect. The whole day was amazing and everyone had a fabulous time, especially Rob and I! Or secret choreographed first dance was a big hit as well which was amazing. I honestly have never experiences anything like it and know that I won't again. I am so happy!!!!

Will write a report while on honeymoon - absolutely exhausted now as you can imagine!!

Kirst xx


  • Congratulation! Glad you had an amazing day- enjoy your honeymoon and I look forward to that report!

    Lucy x
  • SuzMcHSuzMcH Posts: 635
    Congratulations, can't wait to hear all about it and see photos. Soooo pleased you had a wonderful day. Suz x
  • Hi Kirst,

    Glad you had a fab time - enjoy your honeymoon and can't wait to read your report when you get back x
  • Congratulations Kirsty and Rob! Have a fab honeymoon - can't wait for the reports and photos when you get back!!

    K c
  • Well done, I look forward to reading your report, the weather was good wasn't it.
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