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I'm Mrs Saunders!!

We did it! Despite the rain and major accidents betweent eh Abbey and the reception venue which meant half our guests too =k nearly an hour to get there! We had a fab day, the rain held off just long enough for a few quick photos outside.

The ceilidh in the evening was brilliant, everyone loved it and it even got my Uncle up and dancing which no-one has EVER seen before!! I could have raised a few hundred pounds on You've been framed as our second dance some one trod on my dress while i was running across the room and I fell flat on my back!!! Oh well!

Will try and post some photos when my Dad gets back from dropping off his suit btu if we don't have time beforem we go I'll do it in January.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone and good luck to the rest of the December brides!!

K c
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