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29th Sept Italian wedding....with photos

image Hello All,

Yes, after three months married this is my first brief report of my big day on the 29th Sept in Italy.

Firstly, let me explain that I haven't been on here for quite a while as the first three months of marriage has been quite eventful for myself and my husband. In fact tomorrow is the first day we have been off together since we came back from honeymoon at the end of October...mad I know! That is why I am sitting down with a glass of wine ready to share at least part of my wedding day.

I woke up with a hangover, bad start! We had a BBQ the night before as all our guests had arrived safely in Italy and it gave everyone a chance to meet up and got me really excited for the next day. The only thing was we had put a few hundred euros worth of wine on the tables and I was feeling guilty when i saw an unfinished bottle and somewhat compelled to get my monies worth so to speak. Anyway the most difficult part of that night was asking my Godmother to stand in for my Mum who was still in hospital after being admitted in March. I was overcome with tears and it took me nearly 10 minutes to get the words out

Anyway back to the Saturday...

Yes I had a hangover and the mixture of that, nerves and general yukky feeling meant that I vomited all morning. In fact I was just hurling up yet again when the make-up artist/hairdresser came into the room at 1pm. thankfully I wasn't getting married until 4pm. Somehow that lady, who incidentenly could speak no english managed to transform me from nauseated wreck into a bride...miracles can happen!!!

Might not have been 100% sure about the hair (esp the roses) but I was ready to go. Dad called up to the room to get me and then it suddenly felt all real.

Then we were in the car heading to the church. My Dad just talked endlessly, while trying to figure out how to put down the windows as I was feeling quite queasy again. It was the heat, the enclosed space and the nerves kicking in again. The ceremony was fantastic, as was the tenor and the string quartet. They were well worth the extra money we had splashed out on them.

There was a wine festival in Marino and the church we got married in was in the main square. All through the Mass we could hear the band warming up. When we stepped outside the church the atmosphere was amazing. Everyone was clapping, shouting their congrats in Italian and we both felt so special. The local cheerleaders gave us a guard of honor coming down the steps. I had already got a fanfare from the trumpeters on the way into the church so all the guests were really impressed...I think they thought we had organised it especially....

The photos seemed to take forever before we could relax. As i hadn't eaten anything all day and it was now near six o' clock my head was literally hanging off. the best man ran and got me a bottle of water which was a life saver. then we got some ice-creams...italian ice-cream. yummy. Before heading back to the hotel for the reception, speechs, food and the best Italian swing band ever!!!

Just wish that my Mum could have been there to share it all with us,

Thats all for now so enjoy the photos

Vee xxx

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    From one Vee to another - CONGRATS!!!! You look so happy image

    Italy is so beautiful, where abouts did you get wed?? We hope to go to Italy for our honeymoon, but we're unable to get any direct flights at the mo (we get wed Sept08)

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