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Wedding dress hoops

Just to let you know, I have just bought a wedding dress A line 2 hoop crinoline /petticoat for £13 including postage on ebay - brand new. Try it out, better than paying £60 from a bridal shop V x


  • hi Vicky

    just wondering whether the a-line hoop was any good? They hire them out at the shop I'm getting my dress from, but they are quite expensive and it looks like they are cheaper to buy.

    Thanks j x
  • flynns_mummyflynns_mummy Posts: 1,631
    The hoop isn't great to be honest, in fact I'm thinking of putting it back on ebay. Main problem is it's too short for me - I'm 5 ft 9 ins, and it only has a drawstring pull waist so it might not be that comfy. A bridal shop for me sells them at cost price for £40 (Wedding Parlour in Cannock) so I reckon for a decent one it's around that mark.
  • Those particular Hoops cost around £45 when ordered as a custom waist and length. this includes everything, postage, VAT ect...

    I do use the best hoop supplier in the UK (in my humble opinion), so he does also tend to be top end in price. I have seen cheaper hoops, but the quality is also reflected in this cost.

    Obviously every one does not have a custom hoop and I tend to order in bulk, so I do get to make a bit of money on them. I only offer the "at cost" option to my brides, I have still not worked out where to pitch the price for people who want hoops when the dress is from somewhere else. I run a business, so I do have to remind my self to make some money once in a while.

    It is sad that hoops are need for most dresses, think of them as a necessary evil. I would recommend getting a good one to anybody. They can make a huge impact on how the dress hangs and a cheep one will often be a let down.
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