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Any Dec brides still out there? I have some fab news!

Found out last night I'm pregnant (already??!???!!??) and becauae I was so addicted to this site and loved to use it whenever anything happened in the run up to our wedding I really wanted to share my news with you.

Hope you are all well and enjoying married life... its great init...image)))




  • Hey FMrsSP

    WOWWWWW congratulations

    Think you had a thread on you and your baby about ovulation sticks? and ttc. Is a currently of great interest for me at the moment.

    What was your december date and where was your honeymoon?

    I am really hoping I am not deluding my self... have been nauseous and strange metallic taste in mouth for a couple of days. Shouldn't really test until the weekend but have been checking for the last couple of days. Fingers crossed for a mini miracle.

    Bet you can't believe quick. Big congrats to your hubbie too.

    married life is fab - just can't get the hang of signing the right name

    Love and best wishes from another december 07 bride (formerly jj2b)

  • missycukmissycuk Posts: 193
    Congratulations that is fab news- i am still hanging around here getting honeymoon advice.. we go in 3 weeks to Oz - for 3 weeks I can't wait!

    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy xx
  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    Hiya, thank you for your congrats! Still cant quite believe it although its sunk in a bit over past few days.

    Mrs Jenks, our wedding was 16th Dec and we our honeymoon was in New Zealand - it was fab.

    When was yours? how was your day?

    Yeah it was me posting about the ovulation sticks! I used one and then gave up as it was negative and felt all funny about it. that was the middle of last month when I was guessing I might be ovulating... we've been trying tothink when it might've been that we conceived but to be honest, havent a clue, apart from knowing it wasnt the weekend when i used the ov stick!!

    Have you been using them? Have you any news?? When are you expecting your perod? The test I used could give you a positive result up to 4 days before you're due on - clear blue. My fingers are tightly crossed for you!!!

    missyc, how was your day? You're soooo lucky to have your trip still ahead, what are your plans in Oz? Dont forget to milk the 'honeymoon' thing for all its worth!!!

  • Mrs SP

    New Zealand - how fabulous, spent a month in 2005 at the time I thought what fantastic honeymoon territory it would make. Most romantic place was a lavender farm in kaikoura the scent and the sea were amazing.

    We were married on the 29th in Richmond park (Pembroke Lodge) and had our honeymoon in Kenya - astonishing country and we saw so much wildlife of the lion and elephant variety hurrah - had nursed a lifelong ambition to go there. However we were thrown into the country the day their civil war started. Did change the complexion of our trip slightly. I loved the honeymoon thing - all the congratulations when you arrive somewhere. Got good at spotting other honeymooners good manicure and looking at the new and shiny rings..

    Agree with you about the ov stick thing. I tried them and then sulked as it said no egg. I have to be honest its what I expected as I have PCOS high testosterone and ovulate about yearly. Coupled with some very traumatised ovaries (couple of benign tumours removed) and hubs has got his own problems plus am 38 have really had no hope. As we have been together 3 years. Currently waiting for assisted fertility appointment - wouldn't that be ironic

    No test stick success this morning although I was sick again and heaving when I passed the people smoking outside the station (that normally never happens).

    Part of me thinks I might be hanging on so much to the possibility of pregnancy that I am inventing it. Which makes me feel like a loony at the moment. Was supposed to have biopsy yesterday and turned up and the injections are incompatible with pregnancy and they asked .. I was like well I might be I might not. Felt like a numpty but didn't have the biopsy anyway.

    Have tried the four day early test but its so hard to pitch it - irregular periods that dissapear the odd time. Will just have to keep trying.

    This is so00 wrong I want to know before Saturday as my husband is making mojitos and there is champagne in the fridge ( have some friends coming). I can't do the one glass of wine thing I am all or nothing

    Do you really believe it yet or do you still keep checking the stick - have you been to the GP yet. Also what symptoms alerted you to the pregnancy or just the absence of period

    Sorry for long mail seem to be on one

    Mrs Jenks


  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    Hi Mrs J, wow, that must've a bit scary being in Kenya when all the trouble was going on, although it sounds like it didnt affect your enjoyment of it much - it sounds really fab.

    My hubby sent little presents to each place we were staying so each time we checked in somewhere they handed me a parcel with my name and ARRIVING ON HONEYMOON in big letters. It was a brilliant idea, not just for the presents which were very sweet, but it made sure everyone knew!!! ;o)

    Bad luck about this morning's test although it does sound to me like there is something up if you're feeling so ropey. You wont be inventing it - the fact that you've even suggesting it proves that you're not and you're right not to take any risks with the biopsy. Was that something to do with your fertility worries?

    Its funny what you're saying about the drinking and wanting to know... I did a test last friday before I went out "boozing" for the same reason and was going to do one this friday as I was supposed to be going for dinner with some friends tonight and am the all or nothing sort too... BUT had a crap day at work on wed and just felt like some wine and something made me do the test then... i think its better to be safe than sorry but if you've done the test as late as possible then you cant put everything on hold just in case. It would be too consuming...

    I must've been pregnant last weekend when I was drinking but there's nothign I can do about it now so not going to worry. She says.

    If I were you I would enjoy a few drinks this weekend - sounds lovely.

    You know, I cant really believe it still, day one I was in total shock. Have passed that now, really excited, nervous, terrified, giddy all at the same time. Trying to keep a lid on things in case they dont work out - such early days....As for how I feel physically, ok really, nothing unusual other than every now and again a very slight funny feeling, a bit like a very very mild period pain in my lower stomach, I dont know if thats normal or not!! Doctors appointment on monday so we'll see what that brings...

    Have now also written a long one without meaning too!

    Have a lovely weekend and hope the next test is positive!! xx
  • Mrs SP

    Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

    Am feeling such a noodle sickness had gone - although I don't think the mettalic taste is a symptom of being PG so I must have had a bug. Admittedly did enjoy my champers whole heartedly last night.

    I have done the most tests - almost worthy of a Guinness book of records entry none of which have ben positive.

    Was really exciting for a while but I don't feel too sad just a little ridiclous had due dates calculated and had written thread about birth etc. Still I am a planner so that is me all over. At least I didn't tell anyone.

    Am very concious of the fact I have a wonderful husband and that is so much more than I ever imagined. Anything else is a bonus

    Really hope you continue to feel well and everything goes really perfectly for you. Think it is hugely exciting. Your hubbie must be very chuffed they get a bit proud of themselves for sealing the deal so to speak

    All my best wishes

  • Nicola1ukNicola1uk Posts: 267
    wow! congratulations you fast worker you!!!!

    loved your wedding pics too sounds like you had a lovely time on honeymoon.

    Good luck with the baby love and best wishes

    Nik xx
  • SuzMcHSuzMcH Posts: 635
    Hi FMrsSP,

    Congratulations. I was also a December bride, 29th Dec. Guess what I'm pregnant too. A honeymoon baby. I'm due 29th Sept although won't get confirmed till scan at end of March at 13wks.

    Anyway, congrats again. Maybe see you on it's the sister site to this one and there are loads of YAYW gradulates. S x
  • Nicola1ukNicola1uk Posts: 267
    Oh wow congratulations Suz that's wonderful news!

    I am very jealous at all the fellow December brides being so quick off the mark!

    Think we will be leaving it a year or too but very broody.

    We seem to be a bit behind on everything not going on honeymoon until May! can't wait seems like forever.

    Hope everything goes well for you and look forward to seeing December brides baby pics.

    Love Nik x
  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353

    Thanks for your congrats Nik! Its great that you've still got your honeymoon to come, where are you off to?

    Suz, thats fantastic news - a honeymoon baby, you are a fast worker indeed!! Is this your first? How are you feeling? Any symptoms yet? You are a good month ahead of me, my due date is 1st November.

    Thanks for the tip on the site, will check it out... maybe see you there!!

    Kim xxx
  • Nicola1ukNicola1uk Posts: 267
    Hi Kim we are going to Mexico can't wait little nervous as I've never done such a long flight before don't really enjoy flying!

    Love Nik x
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