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December Wedding Pics/Ian Stuart Dress For Sale or Not?

Hello Everyone

I'm not the only one that can't stop having the odd look on here then?

Just been looking at the December wedding pics posted and they are all so lovely - I loved our December wedding.

Here are our official pics...

What have you done with your dresses girls, are you keeping them or selling them? I hate to do it but think I am selling mine - get some money back and let someone else get to wear an Ian Stuart who might not want to pay the full price of one.

Has anyone else sold their's? If so, where did you advertise it? I've found a website - any experiences of it? I'd be very grateful of some advice




  • Nicola1ukNicola1uk Posts: 267
    Congratulations on your wedding your pics are fab!

    Think you are being very thoughtful selling your dress as like you said it's a dream dress and someone who couldn't afford it normally will get to feel as special as you did.

    I on the other hand am too selfish! wish I could wear it all the time have limited myself though only been on once since the wedding think I will put it on again tomorrow though!!!

    Good luck with selling your dress and enjoy married life.

    Nik xxx
  • I wish more people would sell their wedding dresses!! I am currently trying to buy a second hand Ian Stuart and there are so few around, there is no way I could afford a new one.

    I must admit that this is my second marriage and I did sell my first dress, didn't get much for it, but was pleased that someone could enjoy it instead of gathering dust in my loft! image
  • Hello everybody,

    I would love to join you and need your help, please!

    I have not ordered my dress yet but have tried Ian Stuart, Sundae in a shop - it is gorgeous and I think it is the one! In two shops I have been to they want 2600 pounds for it and I have the feeling it is overpriced...can you tell me how much it is?

    My wedding is on 9th Aug 08 - is there still enough time to order it?

    I would not mind going for a sample or once worn...can you advise anything, I am a little bit desperate..thanks!

    Kind regards.

  • sars100sars100 Posts: 22
    Hi there,

    sorry only just seen your post. Have you had any luck in ordering your dress?

    When I ordered mine they told me I needed to give them 6 months notice, this is especially more important if having a summer wedding with the amount of dresses on order. But maybe there is some kind of speedy service? Obviously I bet they charge no end for it.

    Have you had a look if anyone is selling it as used? I am selling mine. I have advertised it on share the dream, heres the link

    They have really good quality dresses on there.

    Isn't it amazing how once you have tried one of Ian Staurt's dresses, you would not consider anything else!

    Here's the link to my wedding pics, I wore Ian Stuart Georgia

    The password is Skinner

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