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Is anyone missing planning thier big day?

How much do I miss planning our wedding! I still have all my magazines etc. Was out shopping and passed a Big Department store and they were having a Wedding Fayre, how I wish it was me again (to my hubby of course). I desperately need a friend or family to get married and allow me to do a Monica on them and take over the planning! I think all my single friends just wish i would fall pregnant and leave them alone!image


  • I do too, I thought that it was going to be stressful but loved it and want to happen all over again, to husband of course! Now planning a big birthday treat for him in April so that I can plan again, I did not think that I was the organisational/planning type before!

    I have a friend getting married in August and I gave her my magazines, (hundreds of them!) and it was sad moment, felt like parting with a friend....but I had to do it!

    When did you get married? We got married 29/9/07 and had a fantastic day.

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  • luchie101luchie101 Posts: 10
    me too!

    I can't stop looking at our photos and offering up advice in the vain hope that someone will let me plan their wedding too!!! In fact, I'm seriously thinking about developing a sideline....

    We got married abroad, and we're visiting again this weekend, so I'll have a whole new audience to bore into a coma with my wedding stories!
  • Shoegal_82Shoegal_82 Posts: 351
    Me too!!

    I actually tried on my wedding dress on Sunday when me and my hubby were sorting out our spare room. I miss coming onto this website too. I just keep looking at my album and i haven't watched the dvd for a while but going to watch it again soon.

    I have put my link to the prints as a new topic so have a peek if you wish image
  • Where is your link Mrs Waites? Will try and find them now. Would love to see your pictures. i love looking at pics, though think that I have bored my family with ours. My in laws refused to watch our DVD, I was so upset. I have now put it away. I have four weddings this year to attend but no one seems to want to talk about them! Obvioulsy they want everything to be a surprise.
  • i'm also missing all the wedding planning, my brother gets married in three weeks then my sister next June. Don't know what i'll do with myself after that, will prob have to move onto another family member or friend!

  • BRIDE100BRIDE100 Posts: 884
    I don't miss the planning as such as I found it stressful and had lots of issues with pregnant bridesmaid, dress stresses, guests list traumas. But I do really miss being a B2B and feeling so excited and special.
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