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December flowers

Hi all,

Hope you don't mind me posting here, I get married 29th December this year and I am having a total nightmare with flowers. I am being told that there are no flower deliveries in between Christmas and New Year and therefore I cannot get flowers and many florists are not even open in between Christmas and New Year. I am hoping that some of you laides had this problem and managed to over come it, as I could really do with some advice? Thanks and hope you all enjoying married life! Em x


  • wombliniwomblini Posts: 75
    Hi Emma

    I got married on the 28th Dec 07 and had the same troubles! We had a florist who did a fabby job and had a delivery in between. We had cream vendella roses, with pine and eucalyptus leaves and mini thistles. Our tables had lilies in tall vases, there were 8 altogther. We had 3 button holes too, just a simple thistle and pine. I think we paid £450 for everything.Hope that helps.

  • EmmaPieukEmmaPieuk Posts: 452
    Wow womblini that is amazing! If you don't mind me asking where abouts in the country are you? As I would be keen to speak to that florist!
  • _hmmmmmm__hmmmmmm_ Posts: 734
    i didn't get married during christmas week, but the first week in December, I wanted seasonal flowers for the wintry theme and also because of the cost factor, I was thinking of Amaryllis as table centres, amongst other things and plenty of wintry foliage and she said at the time i would need to make my mind up very soon (only had my meeting with her 2 weeks before the wedding! my fault for keep changing my mind) as if i wanted something like Amarylis or bulb plants like Hyacinths etc they need to be ordered in early so that the flowers have plenty of time to open up as they come in tightly budded, at another point i was also going to have stephaotis or orchids and these usually come in on the plants, rather than cut flowers so maybe that is another option as the plants can be bought in before xmas and not too much of a problem to keep alive!

    A good florist will be able to come up with suggestions for you and not just see it as a problem.

    Good Luck
  • wombliniwomblini Posts: 75
    Hi Emma

    We're in Fife in Scotland. I can give you more details if you'd like.
  • EmmaPieukEmmaPieuk Posts: 452
    I am in Preston so a little bit too far! But thanks for the advice! Hopefully I will get something sorted out! Emx
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