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FAO Helenlouise29 or anyone who knows her!!!

Hi there,

I'm trying to get in touch with HelenLouise29 who posted about her 29th Dec vintage wedding in the newleyweds section not long ago. Down to a massive cooincidence, my brother has recently got engaged and his fiancee has fallen in love with HelenLouise's dress. She saw it advertised by a bridal magazine but it was too expensive. To add to the cooincidences, I found HelenLouise advertising the dress on a once loved wedding dress site yesterday. I've e-mailed her through the dress site but with no luck! Does anyone know how to contact her or let her know I'm trying to get in touch? I can't use the e-mail button on here anymore as my work has changed all their e-mail addresses over so I'll need to keep checking this thread. Please please please can anyone help me?

Oh, and to add to the mad cooincidences, we both married men with the same surname, had virtually identical bridesmaids and had a "black tie theme" within 8 days of each other!!!

Thanks ladies,

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