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Wedding Photos - On line!


Brings back many memories coming onto this website! I want to do it all over again and love watching the wedding dvd. The website is

Look at the "what we do" section at the bottom, which will have a "Claire and Andrew??????? link. Click on it and put in the password "claire"

There are a couple of photos which aren't ours but all the others are there.

He has also put two photos in his wedding portfolio section at the bottom from the wedding too which is pretty weird being on a website. I have the adobe document version of the final album if anyone wants to have a look just let me know your email address.:\)


  • Hi Mrs Claire Waites (bet you love that)

    Just wanted to say how amazing you photos are, you get the real spirit of the day looking at them

  • Shoegal_82Shoegal_82 Posts: 351
    Arh thank you - it is still hard getting used to being a mrs! The pdf file shows it in more of a story and it is the final draft which was turned into the album. My email is [email protected] if you want me to email you the pdf file xx
  • niki18_ukniki18_uk Posts: 444
    I love your tiara!!

    The whole day looks amazing and you look so happy! I think the thing I love is when everyone is smiling such genuine smiles it makes me SO excited for mine! only 11 months left!!
  • Shoegal_82Shoegal_82 Posts: 351
    The tiara was actually borrowed from my cousin. I just beamed from start to finish and my smile muscles were aching.

    My email is above if you wish to see the pdf file, as the photographer was unique with his presentation.

    Those 11 months will fly round!! I miss all the planning and build up image

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