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Web Ed


  • Hi WebEd I am getting married on 11th August 2007 at Beaumanor Hall in Woodhouse, Leicestershire. YEY.
  • My date is 24th August 2007 at Malcesine Castle, Lake Garda, Italy (at noon).
  • SiannyukSiannyuk Posts: 141
    Hi, I'm getting married 4th August 2007 in the Falkland Islands.
  • Hi Everyone!

    We are getting married at 11am on Sat 25th August. The ceremony is being held in Iona Abbey on the isle of Iona (a fairly remote Scottish Island!) and the reception in the Argyll Hotel following this. if you want a nosey!

    Doing all my planning/ organising from Auckland NZ - thank goodness for the internet!!

  • Hi Little Miss,

    We're 4th Aug too in Leyland, Preston 262 days and counting!! Think we'll have driven all our guests mad by then! image
  • Hi

    We are getting married on the 4th too. In Basingstoke, Hampshire. Although my counter says 263 days to go! - That's a little strange that we are a day out!

  • sammycuksammycuk Posts: 1,633
    hi everyone i am getting wed 11th august 07 @ 12:30pm in suffolk (east anglia and i can not wait yay image
  • I am getting married on 10th August 2007 at the Park Royal Hotel, Warrington x
  • MUMMYAMUMMYA Posts: 557
    17th May 07 Nissi Beach Hotel Cyprus
  • Hi WebEd!!

    07/07/07 for us, at Westminster Register Office and reception at The Atrium in London.;\)

    Like RubyT I must add, thanks to internet!!! I live in Germany, h2b in Spain and wedding in England!!

  • Saturday 25th August for us. Taplow House Hotel, Taplow, Bucks.

    May have to have a marquee in the hotel grounds though for the sit-down as are numbers are becoming just silly!!! :\(
  • Friday 3rd August 07 at Crewe Hall, Cheshire at 12 noon - soooo excited!
  • Thurs 2nd Aug for us at our Parish Church in WArminster then reception at Orchardleigh Est.

    I can't wait!!
  • Saturday 04. August 2007 at 1.30 pm at the Moat House, Acton Trussell near Stafford.

    Hi Xanis, I????m also in Germany (D????sseldorf). Where are you ?
  • SiannyukSiannyuk Posts: 141
    Hi Annette and xanis777, I think perhaps you are in the wrong message board with your dates!!

    Horrahh for 4th August brides - we seem to be quite popular!!
  • Hi webed!

    We're getting married at 2.30pm at the Guildhall in Plymouth with reception at Plymouth Albion rugby club on 4th August 2007!

    August brides certainly are popular!


  • Hi All

    We are getting married on 31 August 2007 at 3.30pm, Ringwood Hall Hotel, Chesterfield.

    288 days to go!!

  • hi all

    Our big day is 11th august 2007 @ 1.00pm. Our ceremony and reception is at the wentbridge house hotel, west yorkshire.

    soooooooooooo excited xxx image

  • 18th August, Kirtlington Park, Kirtlington, Oxfordshire.
  • rfbreenrfbreen Posts: 412
    17th August 2007 St. Andrew's Church, Hornchurch Essex for the ceremony and Orsett Hall Hotel Essex for the reception. 275 days and I can't wait!!!
  • Hi, we are getting married 24 Aug 07 at Wainstones Hotel, Great Broughton

  • We're getting married at All Saints Church at 2pm and the reception is at Audleys Wood Hotel all in Basingstoke! Can't wait.
  • August 4th 1pm - Guild Hall Windsor, Then Reception in Bray!


  • I will become Stuart's wife on Saturday 25th August. Ceremony is at 1pm at St Barnabas Church, with the reception at Stockley Park Golf Club, Middlesex.
  • 28th August ,Hallgate united reform church Doncaster

    can't wait
  • COLEukCOLEuk Posts: 18
    4th of August too - Christchurch in Carshalton in Surrey

    Cant wait however my count down states 261 days bizarre
  • Friday 3rd August at 3pm at the Thorpe Park Hotel in Leeds...... 259 days and counting!
  • LshjjLshjj Posts: 139
    Saturday 25 August 2007. The Reception is at the Gailes Hotel, Irvine, Ayrshire.

    Congratulations to everyone and Good Luck!

    L x
  • Saturday 18th August 2007 at Stafford Register Office and then on to The Swan Hotel, Stafford. Can't wait! Good Luck everyone!

  • Wednesday 22nd August

    St Albans registrars office

    reception venue to be decided yet!

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