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I'm having a wobble re honeymoon

We are getting marred 1.9.07 and for our honeymoon we had decided on Cornwall as after buying the house we can't afford an expensive holiday. But last week I replied to the honeymoon chat & mentioned we wanted to go to Cornwall or Europe did he have any suggestions. Thrown a complete spanner in the works, he talking about Morroco etc etc.... We have a small budget of £1500 possibly £2k between us. My own fault because I asked the question but feeeling abit crappy now :\? H2b is trying to console me with ideas of honeymoon vouchers as part of the gift lisr so we can splash out the following year.

I was settled, I knew where I wanted to go and now I am having a wobbly moment image


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    Hi Little Miss, don't worry! We are just driving down to Galway for a few days for our honeymoon - we don't have much money and decided that we will probably be really tired and would like to stay in a nice hotel without worrying about flights etc and just relax for a wee while. I think Cornwall is lovely and if that's where you really want to go then don't feel deflated! That said, you could probably go somewhere really nice in Europe for £1500 - £2000, depending on how long you want to go for. You could either fly with EasyJet and then find a good deal online for a hotel, or travel agents often have really good flight + hotel deals. Maybe you shouldn't rush into booking it - just leave it a wee while until you stop feeling down about it and then decide what you want most from your honeymoon. Do you want to go somewhere exciting and sightsee or go for a sun holiday, or would you be happy just going somewhere in UK? I would have a think about it and talk to your h2b about it. And don't feel pressured into having an exotic honeymoon, sometimes the nicest places are on our doorsteps.

    My my that was a long ramble!

    Good luck, Claire xxx
  • Try Salcombe in Devon - I have been to alot of different beaches, if the weather is good, it is wonderful down here, & the beaches are beautiful. Its very exclusive & sailing is a big thing down there. The Tides Reach hotel is very nice!

    Also try for something different - the Burgh Island Hotel for its unique charm, the Beatles used to stay ther, at high tide it is completely cut off the hotel is purely Art Deco - check out the website

    There are some beautiful places in this country, & what better opportunity to explore them.......


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    Thanks girls :\) we can do the abroad, flash thing but we would be skint.... H2b is dead against us going to some far flung place only to have no cash when we get there cos we have been so busy saving up..... He also wants us to do something which means we can go back on our 1st anniversary or something, if we went to the Seychelles we would never return :\? But he has said we can do a nice holiday abroad before I'm pregnant, we are both v.broody image

    I suppose really it boils down to envy of other people and what their doing, sounds really petty and silly doesn't it?!! I am quite happy with staying in England but with his brother going to NZ for their honeymoon and all the lovely, fabulous countries on offer.... I'm feeling a little of the green eyed monster coming on. Very much like the baby thing!! :\(

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    Don't worry I felt a little upset at first that we weren't going somewhere far-flung, but I just thought ahead to getting back and being broke, so I've told myself that I might just end up resenting my honeymoon for being expensive and starting married life in debt, and that's made me feel better! Just enjoy a honeymoon spending quality time together - it doesn't really matter where you are as long as you enjoy it. And then you can concentrate on the babies - I am very broody too, must be the whole wedding thing!
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    Thanks Claire!! H2b is adamant we will not start married life in debt to break our necks saving for an exotic honeymoon. Cornwall is a fabulous place with tons to do and lots of pretty places to stay.... I know we will have a lovely time, but its that 'grass is always greener' combined with babies and other peoples honeymoons, Im feeling abit left out but I'm not sure what I'm missing out on??!!

  • i totally agree that it doesnt matter where you go, it's who you go with and what you make of it

    i think it's a real shame that people from the UK dont explore their country enough, what with places like COrnwall, the Yorkshire Dales and Moors, the Peak District, the Lake District, lots of parts of Scotland, Pembrokeshire etc etc (apologies to any other lovely places I have missed!!!) there is so much to see on our own doorstep, really magical places.

    i think you are right not to break the bank trying to save for the honeymoon that someone else wants - it is what you both want that matters (and it sounds to me that = a baby!!) keep that in mind and have fun honeymooning in the UK, there really is so much to choose from and wherever you choose will be romantic and special as it's your honeymoon

    good luck with it all!

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