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We had a civil ceremony in the kings road town hall on the 10th sept, and then a France wedding on the 13th.

It went beautifully and we're still on a high.

Here are some unofficial photo's for all to view.

Our professional pics will be ready in a couple weeks


my uncle walked me in on the civil, and my dad in France....


  • oh hun they are amazing ou are a beatuiful couple good uck to you both

  • hi pembridge villlas

    i hope you are enjoying married life, you are a very good looking couple and i hope you have an amazing life together - congrtulations

  • Hi ya your wedding looked amazing! You looked stunning - have you got any of the official photos you can show us. I have the same dress as you and as i can't see it again till april im having dress wobbles. But you can help reassure me how lovely it is x
  • netheadernetheader Posts: 1,696
    I have just taken a peek at your photies.....congrats lady! You look absolutely gorg in all your pics - and what a beaut of a smile!

    Hope your wedding high lasts a good while longer yet image

  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    What a stunner you are! image

    Congrats & thanks for sharing your pics! x
  • what was the weather like I am getting marriend in France in September next year ?P.S. You look stunning!x
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