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Have you bought your husband an anniversary gift?


It's our anniversary on the 24th and I'm trying to think of an original gift - possibly involving paper. What ideas have other people come up with? x


  • catlilycatlily Posts: 280
    Hi Bride31, it's our anniversary on the 24th also!!! I was thinking of a lottery ticket with the date on! I think you can get Daily Play tickets can't you??
  • Oh my goodness, I havent been on here for so long, no thats a lie, im on here having a sneaky peek all the time but this is my first comment in ages...anniversary in 2 days, married 23rd August 2008. As it is paper anniversary, I got my hubby tickets to see Al Murray - The Pub Landlord on tour as he thinks he is funny. Going to see him in Carlisle and stay over, all my treat! Just got to sort out accomodation for our night away!!! Hope this helps x.
  • catlilycatlily Posts: 280
    weeprincess08 - When I read your post I thought what a brilliant idea! So I have managed to get tickets for Al Murray! Anniversary tomorrow, but don't go til october - hubby's b-day!

    Happy Anniversary for today!! xx
  • Hi Catlily

    Happy anniversary - hope you have had agreat day! I took your idea and bough DH a lottery ticket! Also bought him a cigar (the same type he had at our wedding) to smoke after our anniversary meal and made him a card online which had our names over the New York skyline (we met in New York). All the gifts went down well.

    Hope your DH liked the tickets and you had a great day! xx
  • pagettapagetta Posts: 398
    I got hubby an antique framed map with our new house as the centre of the map and had it framed as we moved in on our anniversary weekend. I also got him prodigy tickets.....not excatly romantic, but it made him happy ha ha!
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