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We are getting married on 28th June 2008 and have booked an outdoor wedding and have to pay our deposit this weekend but I am getting cold feet! What if it rains? What if there is a gale force wind? The location is stunning, we just fell in love with it, but I can't help worrying considering the recent weather we have all been suffering. What does everyone think, is it worth the risk? We have both been married before and H2B does not want a church wedding and I don't want a registry or hotel do so this seemed the answer to our prayers. All advice welcome!


  • cjukcjuk Posts: 209
    Where are you getting married and how were you able to book an outdoor wedding.
  • carolmskcarolmsk Posts: 32
    We have booked it through Historic Scotland. We are getting married in the gardens of a castle (the castle is a ruin with no shelter!)
  • cjukcjuk Posts: 209
    that sounds great, I think i would take the risk but make sure you have a back up plan for bad weather. Wish i could have got married outside but not allowed in England yet.
  • Were having an outdoor ceremony on June 15th, when we booked it we were more worried it would be too warm like the summer before. Our venue has a room we can use inside, maybe see if the venue has a contigency room just in case.
  • loolah1loolah1 Posts: 396
    Umbrellas look so romantic in pictures! Seriously though, I am getting married in a little hut that opens out into gardens and most of my guests can't fit in so are outdoors... I know where you're all coming from after this summer... it's gonna be risky. We'll have to do some sun dances.
  • cjukcjuk Posts: 209
    Idea I just remembered that our photographer gave us was if you have to use umberellas, have different coloured ones rather than all white.
  • carolmskcarolmsk Posts: 32
    Well it's booked now so no going back! Yes sun dances seem like the best hope! If all else fails we had already thought about brollies - good idea suggesting different coloured ones, I'd probably have thought of white but Special you're right coloured ones will be more fun!
  • jo_24679jo_24679 Posts: 17
    I completely understand your concerns as we have also booked an outdoor venue for our ceremony - a botanical gardens. What witht he recent weather conditions I've been a bit worried but we've decided to stick with it and go with the flow! If it rains, it rains! It makes up part of the day!

    Oh and invest in some clear umbrellas!!
  • hi my name's louise and i live in maidstone, kent, with my future hubbie.

    we are planning to get married in june 2009.

    we want to get married outside in a picturesque field somewhere with a big marquee and lots of champagne. no problem planning the whole thimg, we've got lots of ideas about what we want, the only problem is we can't find the idyllic setting for our big day to take place.

    any ideas? iv looked on the internet but so far haven't come up with anything suitable - help!!! xx
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