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Envelopes and labels make me scream!!

I'm just on abit of a rant, I'm trying to print labels for my save the date card envelopes and I've spent ages typing them out so that I can print on the labels, printed on sheet of paper first to check they'd print ok, put the darn labels in and yes they print out of the label! I've tried printing then 4 times now and after every time I've adusted the margins etc. force fed the paper in as it just seems to print too soon, doesn't take into account the top margin.

So new brain wave.. print direct on the envelopes, they are c6, write out the address in envelope format thing in word put the envelope in and print. 1st time it gets stuck in the printer and second it prints before the envelope gets there so no address on the envelope.

What is wrong with me or my stupid printer? I might have to hand write but wanted printed so it looked posh, and I can't do posh handwriting.

I'm darn sick of labels and envelopes!


  • i think in word you can create your own templete for labels where you can say how big the margins are and how big your labels are. I had to do this once at work as they wouln't print out right.

    Are you using the avery templete?

  • Pr1nces5Pr1nces5 Posts: 2,581
    I was but that didn't work so I went onto custom and made my own with the same problems. Probably my own fault for buying cheaper labels. Got some decadry ones from smiths for £10 when others were nearer £20. I'm doing my nut with them.

    What I can't understand is when I proofed it by printing on paper it printed fine. I'll have to get h2b on the case before the printer goes out the window!

    But another thing is the sizes specified for avery is the same sizes as the labels I have. Arrgh!!
  • juan2juan2 Posts: 49

    I did the same thing! I only printed the names on fancy labels.


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