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Where are February brides going on honeymoon?

I'm thinking of Brazil for a bit of city (Rio de Janeiro), a bit of nature (Igauzu falls) and a bit of beach! But it might turn out too expensive (and H2B isn't totally convinced!)- where's everyone else going in Feb? Or has anyone been to Brazil - feedback on what's it's like would be great.

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  • Hey Snow Girl, my sister's been to Brazil a couple of times and absolutely loves it. She talked about Belize I rememeber if that helps - she travelled around a bit so not sure where they spent most time.

    We're going to Kuala Lumpar, Borneo & Langkawi for ours so also hoping to mix city, nature, beaches etc. I cannot wait!!

    Have fun deciding!
  • We are going to the Highlands for a 2 centre holiday. 5 nights in a luxury honeymoon cottage (log fire, outdoor hot tub etc) in the Cairngorms followed by 5 nights in the Coul House hotel north of Inverness in Contin. We have a mountain view room and there are more log fires whiskey bars and a great restaurant.

    Very excited as have just found out the there is a huskie dog sledding centre about 20 mins from our cottage!

    We go on holidays to warm countries every year so wanted to do something we wouldn't normally do for out honeymoon. I am looking forward to the snow, seclusion, fresh air and lots of walks!

  • Hi Helen77

    I think that's quite a cool idea - who did you book your honeymoon cottage through? It sounds lovely.

    I know what you mean about doing something different from your normal holiday - I've been very fortunate and been to some fab places on holiday (Seychelles, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc. etc.) but it does make it difficult to pick somewhere that will be "special" and a bit different for a honeymoon, so Scotland might be the answer. H2B might take a bit of persuading though...he fancies Mauritius - but maybe the hot tub angle will win him over!


    Glad to hear your sister loved Brazil. Sounds like she travelled around South & Central America as Belize is a bit further north, I think. Your honeymoon sounds great - I've been to Malaysia and loved it - a great place for a city/nature/beach mix for sure.

    Thanks, both!

  • Hi Snow Girl

    This is the cottage

    Lots to info on it - they even provide a chef if required!

    Second destination is here

  • Hi Snow Girl

    This is the cottage

    Lots to info on it - they even provide a chef if required!

    Second destination is here

  • Oh, the cottage looks sooo cute! Very romantic. The hotel looks lovely too - those log fires. Think I'll run the idea of a cottage in Scotland past H2B tonight and see what the reaction is!
  • We're having a two centre holiday as well. We're going skiing for a week in Canada followed by a week in Hawaii. Really excited but am dreading the long flights - don't do boredom too well!
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    don't know yet but as we are getting married in NZ...we might delayed the honeymoon a bit. But ideally it will be a week skiing in Zermatt.

    Regarding Brazil, now the truth is this country is absolutely fantastic. I travel a lot for my work but Brazil has a special place in my heart. Rio is great, you can stay there for 4 days as there is plenty to do and to see, then you can go on to Paraty, 3 hrs by bus south of Rio for beautiful beaches and a charming colonial town with great night life. In Rio by the waym the beaches are not that great, lots of wave and polluted. but a bath in Copacabana beach is necessary!!!

    Than Iguacu is great to see the falls.

  • Hi Celery

    Thanks for the feedback on Brazil. Sounds good to me!

    I'd like to go skiing for honeymoon, but H2B thinks it will be too much like a normal holiday...

    Getting married in NZ will be a great place to get married - a wedding and honeymoon rolled into one.
  • Celery - where in NZ? We are getting married 29 Feb in Mt Cook. Tasman Glacier to be exact. Our website is There is a honeymoon page. We are mixing a trek - Milford - with some luxury before and after. We are having a party at Sky Tower in Auckland on our second to last night. (My family is from NZ.)

    Snow girl - I think Brazil is fantastic. I have never been but I definitely want to. My cousin's partner is from Brazil. Looks an amazing place for a honeymoon.

    And then there is Scotland. Another amazing location.

    We are spoilt for choice.
  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    Snow girl, if you need any info or help for Brazil, do let me know. Another good country is Venezuela, lot smaller than Brazil, a bit easier and cheaper to travel.

    MOuntainlovers, I have actually seen your website on another thread and honestly it is fantastic. We are getting married 23rd February...few days before you, but in Martinborgouh, in a tiny lodge, we are less than 30 people! h2b is from Christchurch and I am from France, grew up in the Alps. We both love the mountain toos...We will have our honeymoon before the wedding actually and with my family. We are thinking travelling with them for 10 days in the South island to show them the country! But right after the wedding we have to come back to London to work! can you imagine...
  • We're pretty set on Singapore then Bali, but we've found out that Febs the worst month of the year to go to Bali weatherwise so we're going to delay to April/May, which is fine by me as it gives us something else to loko forward to after the big day, and a little more time to save also.
  • we are going to canada, going skiing, thats the only reason we are getting married in feb, also having a pre wedding honeymoon to lapland in december, and a post wedding honeymoon to austria in march, cant wait xxxxx
  • Celery thanks for your kind words.

    I remember seeing you now in another post and checked out your lodge. Very nice! I really didn't think I would go on a honeymoon in my own country of origin. But as we are getting married on the 29 Feb we are planning on a big trip every four years.

    Cosmic girl - skiing in Canada. How fun!!! And a pre and post honeymoon. Not a bad life at all.
  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    well I did not think that I would get married in NZ. I thought my family would be a bit miffed at going so far away but they are loveling it and can't stop speaking about what they will do, see and how much fun it will be. For me getting married wherever you want, is priceless as I wanted to get married outside.
  • I agree completely. We wanted to get married outside and that was the driving factor. Plus it meant NZ family can come as coming to the UK was out of the questions.

    Our friends and family from the UK are also extremely excited. Check out Some of our guests are flying korean airlines for about £650. We got ours for £604 return - but through Amazon a while ago. Doesn't seem to come up on Amazon anymore.

    And as you say, everyone is so excited about the trip. H2Bs parents are going for 9 weeks!
  • Cosmic Girl - I like your style!

    Whereabouts in Canada are you going and when in Feb? We're going to Whistler on the 4th - am very excited!!
  • hiya nikkiis2b, r you going skiing too? we are going to a place called fernie, never been to canada before, cant wait xxx
  • Yep the plan at the moment is to ski but we did have a boarding lesson a few weeks ago so we might have a go....or maybe not!!

    We've never been to Canada either so I'm really looking forward to it cos it's supposed to be the best! Whereabouts is Fernie? N x
  • we are staying at the lizard creek lodge, it looks fab. honesly keep up with the lassons bcos it is so much fun, i had months of lessons before i went on my 1st skiing hol and it really paid off, xxx
  • It's a bit of a dilema cos I'm on the verge of buying some ski's and thought I'd better have a go at boarding just in case I spent loads of money and then changed my mind! I was prepared to absolutely hate it but actually didn't find it too bad so now I need to get to a standard where I can compare it to skiing but don't want to spend the whole honeymoon in Boarding School!!
  • Took my h2b skiing/boarding for first time last year. He did a course at the tamworth snowdome for 5 hours before we went and it made the world of difference. He didn't start with beginners and had smaller groups. Would highly recommend doing something before you go if you can.

    If nothing else, do wall sits - sit back to the wall legs at 90 degrees - to build up strength before you go. Also sit ups to help core stability muscles and toe raises help too. (I do toe raises in the shower every morning and don't even notice I am exercising.) Makes a big difference the fitter you are. You can't actually properly emulate your ski muscles but you can improve strength. (I used to ski race and coach)

    As for boarding vs. skiing depends on the person. Boarding has a much shorter learning curve so you can get to more of the mountain sooner. Personally, I am a ski fanatic but h2b took to boarding really well and it meant we could be together on more of the mountain.

    Canada is amazing so you are going to have so much fun. And there is loads more to do than just skiing. What a brilliant honeymoon!
  • for my 1st skiing hol i started to have lessons about sept, then i also went to the dry ski slopes about twice a week, i didnt need to go in ski school at all whilst on hol, cant imagine it would be much fun on yr honeymoon being stuck in ski school, h2b has done boarding and skiing for years and he says skiing is far easier than boardingxx
  • Even now I still do privates when I go to a new resort. I get a personal tour of the area for one thing. And you can always improve. Techniques and equipment are changing/improving all the time so it is good to have a refresher. (And this is after years of racing.)

    But as you say - on your honeymoon it might be a bit different....
  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    Nikkis, I would really advice you not to buy anything but to rent your skies. The things is the technology changes all the time and what you buy now, won't be around in one or even two years.

    Few renting cies from the UK actually rent equipments that you can pick up at airports and drop off at airports. I find it extremely comfortable as you don't need to travel by tube or train with it, and also you have access to new equipments which is great.

  • Thanks for all the advice girls -

    H2b has been skiing for years and I've been a few times so now I'm kind of up to the same standard technique wise as him - just not quite as brave!!

    We did think it would be quite nice to have one private lesson together now that we we're a similar standard. Like you say Mountainlovers there is always more to learn!! (racing and coaching - wicked job!!)

    I'm now starting to think we might as well stick with what we know and love for the honeymoon and leave learning to board for a cheapy europe holiday where it doesn't matter if we spend the week sitting on our a****s!

    I don't want to waste those Canadian slopes!

    I'm still in two minds about buying ski's. You're absolutely right about the rate at which the specs change Celery and they are a pain to travel with (boots are bad enough!) but I recently tried some Ladies K2's and they were fab and it might sound a bit silly but I'm sure my skiing was much better.

    I don't think we'll bother for the honeymoon tho cos we'd have to take them on to Hawaii with us - might look a bit strange at Honolulu airport!!
  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    the thing is Nikki it is actually improving your technique as it is easier to make turns with those parabolic skis than it was with straight skis.

    I have invested last year in a new pair of boots, they are so light, it is amazing! Doing both snowboarding and skiing, I think you took the right decision to stick to skiing for Canada. Last year they had the best snow, and meters and meters of fresh snow...and it might be a bit difficult with a snow board.

    I do ski touring now and you might try, it's great...and you avoid all those queues.


  • Ooh that's sounds quite interesting? Is it a bit like cross country but not quite such hardwork?

    My main aim for the honeymoon is to master my nerves and actually try and enjoy a black run rather than s******g myself the whole way down!!!

    N x
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    we are going to canada, going skiing, thats the only reason we are getting married in feb, also having a pre wedding honeymoon to lapland in december, and a post wedding honeymoon to austria in march, cant wait xxxxx

    oooh, we're going to Lapland for our honeymoon. We booked it last week - staying in a log cabin in Yllas. Cosmic Girl, can you let me know what you think of it when you get back?
  • hi rosaesw will certainly let you know what lapland is like when i get back, cant wait to go, its 4 weeks on sunday, have you been on the website? how romantic for a honeymoon xxxx
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