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Flower, flowers, flowers...

I'm having a real dilemma with flowers. My parents and i budgeted about £650 for all the flowers; we met the florist to discuss our ideas (which are by no means extravagent), and she's quoted over £850!!!

How much is everyone else paying for their flowers, and what are you having? I'm wondering whether just using tulips as our main flower would be cheaper?



  • vibsukvibsuk Posts: 2,094
    Wooooo - that's a HUGE amount of money! I'm in the South (nr London) and it's expensive down here but the average for flowers here is £400-£500. We paying a lot less because my aunt's a florist, but I would really shop around.

    We're having green and white roses (in the main) with other smaller bits and pieces too that I can't remember the name of image

  • mine have come in at £600 but only because the bouquet i want is reaaly expensive..... would be £550 if id gone for a simple one...

    maybe shop around... its best to find a florist that works from home (an event florist as opposed to a shop one) - they tend to be cheaper - lower overheads you see..???

    or if you really want that florist why not go with cheaper flowers....? ones in season?

    good luck!
  • hi ours is costing about £500

    im having my boque (sp?) is calla lillies

    3 bridesmaids hydrangra boques

    2 flower girls hydranga baskets

    1 padastal 1 top table arragement

    10 smaller table arragements

    buttonholes for all men

    calla lillie buttonhole for h2b

    2 wrists corages for our mums
  • mine has come in at £550

    im having my bouquet - calla lillies and roses

    3 x BM bouquets - roses

    2 x mums corsages - roses

    2 x smaller corsages for the nans

    1 x double rose button hole for H2B

    4 x rose button holes for the bridal party

    55 x carnation button holes for the guests

    1 x top table decoration

    2 x large thankyou bouquets

    2 x smaller thankyou bouquets

  • PozzeePozzee Posts: 405
    I'm paying just over a grand. This is for the church as well as the reception and all the bouquets and buttonholes etc. I can't remember the exact breakdown but it goes something like this:

    1 x Bridal bouquet - lily of the valley

    3 x Bridesmaids bouquet - peonies

    1 x Groom Buttonhole - lily of the valley and rose

    12 x Usher/family buttonholes - roses

    8 x family corsages - roses, peonies, lily of the valley

    2 x pedastals (sp?) for the church - these will be taken to the reception later

    1 x small arrangement for the font

    8 x decorations for the columns in the church - lots of foliage wrapped around them.

    10 x pew ends

    8 x table decorations

    2 x vases for the fireplaces at the reception

    2 x bay trees for the entrance to reception room

    4 x peonies for the cake

    Plus set, delivery, collection and vase hire. Think that's it.

  • i havent sorted my flowers yet & getting married may 24th - think i need to pull my finger out
  • ImpatientUKImpatientUK Posts: 1,660
    my flowers (mainly all roses) are costing me £700, thats for 3 bouquets, 8 centrepieces, 6 buttonholes, 2 tall arrangements for the ceremony & 2 corsages.
  • Hi all, i'm a florist and just wanted to offer some quick advice to Princesseli.

    It might seem like tulips are a cheap flower cos you see bunches for a couple of quid in the supermarkets etc. The problem is that when tulips are cut and placed in water they continue to grow, this means any bridal work would have to be done last minute. Or bouquets being kept away from light etc anyway it's a bit of a hassle and would prob add to your price!

    As for your quote, shop around and ask your florist of ways to reduce your price. For eg are you hiring vases or containers? sometimes it's just as cheap to buy them (from supermarkets etc) then they can be given away as gifts. A few stems of twigs, grasses and lillies in a really tall stem vase can look v dramatic and cost not alot (if you provide your own vases you could be looking at £10-12). Go for seasonal flowers and if you really want to keep costs down then handtied bouquets will prob be cheaper than a shower BQ. Including foliage in your BQ instead of all flowers should also bring your price down. Flowers such as lisianthus and freesia still look very classy and expensive (nice sent off freesia too) but are cheaper than roses etc. Also what about buttonholes instead of corsages?

    Anyway i hope this all helps. If there is anything else i can help with let me know.
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