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hello its nice to see that there are lots of other january brides image im getting married 26th january 2008! only real important thing left to do is the honeymoon booking, dont know where to go?? want a 3 week hol in caribbean really but finding it difficult to find somewhere! also my mums doing flowers for wedding, going to raid the supermarkets for flowers day before wedding! anyone else doing this? or getting married 26th january?


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    im getting married on the 19th but just wanted to say Hi and welcome.

    3 weeks in the caribbean sounds lush - hope you find somewhere soon.

    We may go to Dubai as h2b can tie it in with work - sounds cheapskaty i know but we moved to California 6 months ago and flying back to the Uk for the wedding is already costing an arm and a leg xx
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    We are going to Mexico for our honeymoon, El dorado Royale looks fab!!

    Thats a fab idea for flowers, my friends did that for my engagement party, made gorgeous centre pieces. But going to have dried wintery flowers as centre pieces for my 5th Jan wedding.

    Hope you find somewhere for your honeymoon.


  • I'm getting married on the 12th. 52 days to go now! I've still got quite a bit to do, veil shoes, evening invites and favours and things. I also need to choose hymns, readings and print the order of service! plus got xmas to organise...starting to wonder what the hell I was thinking getting married 17 days after xmas!

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    Hello everyone thank you for replies image am really interested in mexico, looks beautiful but is it ok over there now after floods, anyone know or heard anything?travel agent didnt seem to know and cant find much on internet, sorry mizza dont mean to worry ya chick!probably fine now!

    lots to think about with weddings but all worth it when it comes together eh image lovely time of year to get married, lets pray for a crisp wintery sunny january hehe image either that or snow image lovely! xxx

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    Don't worry shadowsnow!! Of course i was really worried when it all went off, but i kept an eye on trip advisor forums and there wasnt any damage to the resort we are going to, they had to actually take people in from other resorts effected by the floods!! I have read in reviews that after they were hit a few years ago they have done loads to protect it.

    Yes, defo praying for that gorgeous winter weather!! But knowing this country you cant predict the weather!!

    Carley-barley, you'll be fine with organistaion!! Just try and get help off hubbie to be and family and things will be fine!

    This is actually my first proper Christmas, my family are muslims, but they have been great and said really make the most of celebrating Christmas properly!!

    Hope everyone is well.



  • Hello shadowsnow!

    Welcome! I'm getting married on 5th Jan too (same as mizza) - 33 days to go!!

    I had my hen party over the weekend and I'm really suffering today. Can hardly concentrate at work. Had a BRILLIANT time in Nottingham dressed as Sandy :\) while the girls were Pink Ladies. You can tell im a Grease fan!

    Anywayyyy - we're going to Ecuador and Galapagos for our honeymoon. Three weeks would be perfect there but we're only going for 2.

    By the way, we bought 10 glass candelabras from Add Style and they're lovely. Recommend it.

    I'm also praying all the Jan 2008 brides have lovely crisp sunshine.

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    Hello ladies hope you are all well.

    Beccytad you went out in my home town!! woo! Glad you had a fab time, my hen weekend on saturday, up in Manchester not sure what my friends have planned for me eek!

  • hi i get married on the same day as you!!!! i am so stressed out cos i havent been goin 2 mexico flights at 6am on the 27th i will be done in!!image
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