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Dresses - has yours' arrived?

So just wondering how many of you already have your dresses. Mine was due to arrive last Wednesday and it's not here yet. I'm going to ring again this Wednesday if I don't hear anything!

Is anyone else still waiting for their dress ?

Also, I would love to see photos of you in your dresses ;\)


  • i've got my dress, it arrived in march i think - far too much time to paw at it and make it dirty image

    even though i accidentally lost weight in the last 6 months it still fits so im really pleased


    oh i forgot to say, when i was waiting for my dress to arrive i must have driven the dress shop lady up the wall with my constant phonecalls


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  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    I love your dress MrsSJD2B.

    I think I might have to start annoying my bridal shop with phone calls too!
  • michnaukmichnauk Posts: 211
    your dress is lovely,

    rosaesw can we see yours?

    my dress is in the shop, ive had my fitting and it fitted perfectly, lets just hope i dont eat too much over christmas!!

    this is my dress number 3220 in the bronze, i am not wearing the halter neck bit

  • Oh they both look lovely! My dress isn't due in until January, we're the 23rd Feb so am sure it'll give me enough time. Well it better do! The dress i tried on in the shop was exactly the right fit so I'm hoping with my limited time that it won't need altering! Wish my dress was at home with me! xxx
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    alicetaylor, when I spoke to my dress shop last week, they assured me that as long as they have 4 weeks then it will be ready on time for the wedding. But I want it now!!! image

    michna, your dress is lovely. Good choice to have it withour the halterneck.

    My dress is this one -

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  • michnaukmichnauk Posts: 211
    thank you roseasw, your dress is lovely too

    yes the halterneck thing on my dress is horrible, i really dont know why they put it on there - the dress doesnt need it,

    there is someone else on the forum somewhere with the same dress but in ivory and she agreed the halterneck was horrid

    have you got a picture of yours alicetaylor? i love looking at everyones dresses

  • Got my first fitting on Friday....very excited image

    All your dresses are lovely. Mine is last season's so I can't find a pciture anywhere - I'll have to take one on Friday

    N xx
  • HI, still waiting for my dress, keep ringing them but still waiting for it to come in getting ver nervous about it now, x
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    sam, what dress have you ordered?

    when was yours due in? Have the shop given you any idea of when it might arrive? I'm going to ring my shop again today to see if they can give me any more info. I keep telling myself not to panic!
  • Mine arrived in October, and I had the fitting for it in November. Luckily the shop are keeping it for me for now, or I would have it out every night just to look at!

    I love it! it is the second picture down in this link:

    I love Suzanne Neville, I am a size 12, and the dress I ordered was a size 12 (none of the silly sizing policy) and fitted me perfectly so no alterations are needed!

    Hope your dresses all arrive soon, it is so lovely to try on your own dress.

  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    Lovely dress Sal. The link doesn't work but you can get to the Suzanne Neville pictures by going back to the homepage.

    The sample fit me perfectly too - only problem is I'm only 5ft so they are going to have to take a lot off the bottom before I can wear it!
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    My dress has arrived :\)

    I've got to wait until 13th December before i can have my first fitting though. At least I've got my hen weekend in the mean time to keep me occupied. I can't wait to try it on again.
  • Mines not coming till the 1st weekend of Jan!!!
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    Poor you MrsWooden2b, thats still a long time to wait. I think it'll all seem a lot more real once we get past christmas. I'm off home now to see if I have any more RSVP's.

  • I had a letter about a month ago to say it was in the shop but they wnt let me try it on until 18th Dec!!! I cant wait!!
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    sandraafford, I can't believe they are making you wait so long to try your dress on again. That's just mean!
  • shinyukshinyuk Posts: 107
    I have my first fitting on Sat morning and am really annoyed as i had 6 more lbs to lose and dont seem to have managed it.

    Lost 2lbs 2 weeks ago and then put them back on! Have been going to the gym about 4 times a week and every night this week am doing a no-carb chicken and veg thing in the vain hope it may make a difference by Saturday!

    Does anyone know if it matters i still have a few lbs to lose at my first dress fitting? The shop lady said i would have another fitting at beginning of Feb (wedding at end of Feb) so i am guessing that gives me a bit more time to shift those last few awkward pounds. Am going to have to be really strict at Xmas - I feel i just want to get Xmas over and done with this year!
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    I know what you mean about christmas shiny. It seems to have crept up on me this year and I'm so preoccupied with the wedding that I haven't had time to think about christmas presents.

    Try not to stress too much about losing lbs. Easier said than done I know - you might find that you've lost inches even if you haven't lost weight. You've probably heard this before but muscle weighs more than fat!

    Good luck with your fitting on Saturday. Let us know how it goes. By the way, what dress have you got?
  • shinyukshinyuk Posts: 107
    Thanks Rosaesw - we are not doing the presents thing this year and are hoping that most people will understand. I usually would have my decorations up really early but just cant be bothered with it this year in light of the wedding! I will try and paste link here -

    its D530 first on left - i am having it without straps and with a lace up back, not buttons!

  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    That's a lovely dress shiny. I tried a few on with lacy bits at the bottom but it would have cost me an absolute fortune in alterations because I'm so short!
  • I feel like I'm a bit of a freak! I ordered my dress back at the beginning of March and it came in the shop at the end of August. I was continuously on the phone to the shop asking when it would arrive. I feel mean now by all the hassling I done. Although in my defence, I was having doubts about the dress until I tried on mine.
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    Becks0302, I ordered mine in March but the shop but it on a slow order for me which is why it has only just arrived. I think it's always a concern if they give you a date when it's supposed to be in but then it doesn't turn up.

    I'm glad you managed to put your mind at rest and try the dress on earlier rather than later! Where have you stored the dress. I was worried about having it in our flat in case h2b got a peek.
  • My dress is still at the shop (I couldn't have upset them too much with my pestering!). I can store it there for six months before any charges are added, which works out perfectly. I think I'll pick it up the day before our wedding and then take it to my sister's where I'll be getting ready. I think if I stored it at mine before then it would be too much easy access - I'd be forever touching, glancing and maybe even wearing my dress. image
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    Have you been able to try it on very often. I think I'd be popping into the shop all the time!! But it's definitely a better idea to leave it there - I'm always trying on my shoes, veil and tiara when h2b is away. I must look really silly.
  • Trying on the shoes is a very good idea. At least you have the excuse that you're "breaking them in". image

    I haven't even bought mine yet. Well actually that's a lie... I've got some flat evening ones just in case my feet ache but I've been waiting for my bridal shop to get their new stock in (they should be in now). I've got a set of really dodgy feet so have to be very careful when buying shoes. image

    As for my dress, I'm just waiting to buy my shoes and for the bridesmaids dresses to come in - then we're gonna all go for fittings to see about alterations. Don't you find planning a wedding is just one big waiting game? All good fun though!
  • Mitme08Mitme08 Posts: 503
    mine is supposed to have arrived by now has anyone else had the shop take all the money before you have seen the dress that you have bought and then ask you to make an appointment to do alterations before its even here or am i stressing ? x
  • Well I have the reverse prob! I brought my dress in Jan and it fitted perfectly (size 12). Since then I have lost a stone and a half!!!! Didnt mean to and now desperately trying to pile it back on!!
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    Becks0302 - you're right I do have an excuse about the shoes but not sure I can justify wondering around the house in my tiara!

    Mitme08, that's exactly what I did and I think it's quite normal for that to happen. How long ago was it supposed to have arrived? Has the shop given you any indication of why there is a delay. Mine was a week late and if it had taken any longer, I would have asked them for more information such as has it left the manufacturer yet? Forgot to say - don't panic. My dress shop reassured me by saying that as long as they had 4 weeks, they would make sure my dress was ready for me.

    sandraafford, at least you don't have to worry about what you eat over christmas. I think I'm going to have to tell my mom to hide the food from me this year - she normally leaves bowls of chocolates, nuts, crisps and sweets all over the house and I end up eating constantly!

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  • I bought my dress in May 2004 (three months after we got engaged) and booked the wedding for October 2005.... then I went and got pregnant and have spent the last 2 and a half years trying to get back in it without having it altered... and it's the hardest 2 and a half stones I've ever had to bloody lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • rosaeswrosaesw Posts: 136
    Finally got a photo of me in my dress. I realised after I left the shop that I should have sorted out the train but you get the idea!! Oh and there are lots of pins in the bottom too!

    Let me know if that link works - I've never done a link to photobox before!
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