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Hogarths in Dorridge


I was just wondering if anyone on this site has got married and had their reception at Hogarths Hotel in dorridge?

We are getting married in 8 weeks and would love to hear from other brides having used the hotel!

Thanks x

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  • BrummieVeeBrummieVee Posts: 1,651
    Hi I've just read one of your other posts noticing you're getting wed in Dorridge.

    I do know there are other brides who've got wed there/are getting wed so probably best you do a search for Hogarths (in top right corner of this screen)

  • yazzoo6yazzoo6 Posts: 180
    Thank you! Thats fab! xxx
  • Hi Bexie,

    We're getting married there in August and can't wait!!

    Jo x
  • yazzoo6yazzoo6 Posts: 180
    FINALLY!!!! I thought I was the only person in the world getting hitched there!! Tell me everything about your plans! Are you having a civil ceremony there or just the reception? Are you using the new reception rooms?

    We are getting married in December so unless we are really lucky and it doesnt rain, we prob wont get much use of the grounds but it should still be lovely!

    Becky xxx
  • kahugkahug Posts: 4
    Hi Bexie,

    I've just joined this site but wanted to say hi as we're having our reception at Hogarths on Dec 6th! We went to have a look round a couple of weeks ago and its lovely - just what i wanted! Katy x
  • yazzoo6yazzoo6 Posts: 180
    Hi Katy,

    Yay, another Hogarths girl! How exciting! We are getting married and having the reception there on 28th December - only a couple of wks after you. When did you book? We booked back in October pending the final look of the new part of the hotel, its looking really good. So tell me about your wedding, where? Dress? Hogarths is so chilled out with a boutique style i think! xxx
  • kahugkahug Posts: 4
    We booked just after the easter weekend - we really fancied Dec and they had the 6th & 13th still available - i'm not very superstitious but just in case!! We've only been engaged for about 6 weeks so i've been very busy planning and getting the most important things booked. I'm going dress shopping next week and I can't wait!! What about you - how's your planning going? x
  • yazzoo6yazzoo6 Posts: 180
    Wow so you decided to go for it this year - in hindsight, I wish we had done it sooner, it wouldnt have been a stress, everything has fallen into place really easily.

    We are having a civil ceremony at Hogarths as well as the reception - florist booked (I would definitely recommend, they are a Hogarths recommendation), dress ordered - im having a Sassi Holford 'Christelle' with lace bolero and champagne sash, pretty much everything is sorted - just gotta book the band and honeymoon!!

    You will LOVE dress shopping!!! Where are you going to look? x
  • kahugkahug Posts: 4
    Oh my god - I loved dress shopping so much!! I went to Sallie bees, Platinum in Hall Green (beautiful shop), Wedding Belle and elisa hamilton. I thought I'd found the one but then we went to elisa hamilton and the first one I tried on was just perfect!! Im so pleased with it - its a pronovias 2007 dress i'll try to find a link to a picture. It's actually a fairly similar shape to yours. Flowers next I think - I'll have a look at your recommendation. x
  • yazzoo6yazzoo6 Posts: 180
    See, I told you that you would love it! Definitely send me a link to the pic.... did you have a look at lili floral yet? Alison is really lovely and cant help enough and can work on any budget (ours is tiny!!)

    We are going to book a band from Moseley - they are called partners in crime and the lead singer has an awesome voice!

    Whats next on your list?

    Becky x
  • Hi girls, I am a fellow Hogarths bride too! Getting married on 23rd May 2009, less than 6 months away now and so excited!! BexieBoo we are also using lilifloralart, I loved Alison the moment I met her and her arrangements particularly bridal bouquets are just stunning. Looking forward to seeing your pics after your wedding. Where ru going for ur honeymoon?

    Charlie xx
  • yazzoo6yazzoo6 Posts: 180
    Hi Charlie, We are heading off to Thailand on the 30th December. Only 17 days to go! Cant believe how quickly the last 6 months have flown - enjoy every second as it will come round so fast!

    Becky x
  • BexieBoo did u manage 2 sort out any shoes?? Looking forward to seeing your wedding pics xx
  • yazzoo6yazzoo6 Posts: 180
    Yes, all sorted! Have bought the ones in the link below. I got them on Friday and had my final fitting yesterday - talk about cutting it fine!!

    How are your wedding plans coming together? I cant believe mine is in 13 days!!! Where has this year gone?!!? Im going to be so bored after the wedding, I have no idea what I did with my time before I started planning this wedding! xxx;jsessionid=15494695fa5206b/bs_shopdata/0010_Shoes/0022_Rainbow+Couture/product_details.shopscript?article=0020_Bodini+Wedding+Shoes+=28RT-Bodini=29
  • Love ur shoes, really elegant. Have a wonderful day x
  • I'm going to have a look around Hogarths next week. I'm looking for a venue in the Solihull area for a cicil ceremony and reception around Easter 2010. Can't wait to see Hogarths!
  • amy116amy116 Posts: 56
    Hey, I am having my reception at Hogarths on the 15th of August this year. If anyone has any pics then I would love to see them for inspiration!!

    charlie1983, really impressed with the flowers at lilifloralart! are they quite reasonable or really expensive? We have a budget of £700 for flowers for the church and the reception. x
  • Had our look around at Hogarths this morning and I loved it. I have to wait until tomorrow to get an idea of costs though as the wedding co-ordinators were not there. They have just had a refurbishment and there are now 18 bedrooms - it looked lovely. I so hope its n our budget!
  • Hi MrsBSDW2b

    To be honest we didn't get many quots because I just loved Alisons designs. Our quote was £800 but not having any church flowers! She is happy to try and work to budgets though so might be worth giving her a ring xxx
  • emmaa7770emmaa7770 Posts: 132
    hi all, im a hogarths too, we r getting married thirvdec 28 09, cant wait xx
  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    Hi girls image

    I have spoken to some of you before but thought I would drop a quick 'hello' to you all - we had our wedding reception at Hogarths last August (08) and it was a beautiful day. Hogarths were spectacular image You will all have an amazing wedding day - they will look after you so well image

    Are you all dealing with Daniel ? He's fab !

    We also had Lili Floral Art - Alison is amazing, she exceeded expectations !!!

    A few pics for you all...

    forgot to say, we had the original restaurant room (we booked way in advance of the new extension being built) - have to say the new wedding area is divine - we had choice of original or new room but we opted for the original room as I fell in love with the Chandeliersimage hahahaha xxx
  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298

  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298

  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298

    All the best with your future weddings - *emily* xxx
  • yazzoo6yazzoo6 Posts: 180
    Hello all Hogarths brides!

    Our wedding day at Hogarths was incredible, the happiest day of my life! We got married on the 28th December and had both the ceremony and reception at the hotel.

    Alison at Lili Floral Art did our flowers and my dress was Sassi Holford 'Christelle'!

    If someone could advise how to upload photos, I will share some of our day with you all!!!

    Love Becky x
  • Hi Becky image

    Many congratulations to you both x

    Do you have a photobucket account or something similar, if you do, upload your pictures, then use the forum html link (copy and paste), paste it into your text box on here (you can only paste 2 picture links per post), just remember to change the capital IMG at the start and the end of each picture link to lower care img and it should work...

    Hope that made sense ?! good luck... *emily* image xxx
  • cdmartincdmartin Posts: 62
    Hi All

    I am so excited to have found this chat - Im a Hogarths bride to be!

    We get married 23rd December 2010 and loved Hogarths from the minute we stepped in the place

    Gutted that Daniel is no longer there!

    Was Hogarths all u wanted it to be?

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    hi everyone what was on your menu i dont know hat to choose for starter or main
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