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WOW Only 6 moths to go now

I cannot believe how quickly time is passing!image

Only 6 months from now and I'll be in Rhodes finallising the finer details for my wedding (on 16th June).

I am so excited - and after Christmas it will be even better! Yeahimage

And, family members ( who's eyes generally glaze over at any mention of wedding) are even starting to acknowlege its imminence too -starting to feel like its real!! lol After 10 months planning already, it's about time

Happy Christmas everyone too ( or Happy Holidays) xx


  • Hi Kallitheabride, i know it is so exciting i feel the same i am 20th june, time has flew by we got engaged 16 months ago so we have been planning a long time, Happy New Year xx
  • OMG, 161 days to go (6th June) and is just starting to dawn on me how close it is (arrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh), BM dresses are here, my dress is due in 1 week and am now officially stressed..
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