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The wedding is cancelled need some practical advice


I know that this is not really the right place for this kind of post but I tend to post in here rather than anywhere else and feel that I 'know' you ladies best. I've also posted this in GC so sorry if I'm repeating myself.

On Thursday we cancelled our wedding and broke up. I need a bit of practical advice and support and then I suppose it's goodbye. I've done all the initial things like cancel the venue, DJ, cake, photographer and florist but I'm in a quandry about what to do with my dress.

It's a bespoke dress and is finished but I haven't had my final fitting yet. I know that I'm going to have to pay for it (along with loosing lots more money as the wedding insurance doesn't seem to cover it) but how do I go about it. Obviously I will own a very expensive wedding dress with no need for it and it's not even a standard size.

I know people have talked about buying wedding dresses on ebay and I plan to do that with the non altered BM dresses but does anyone have any ideas about what to do with my dress? Or shoes? Or a million other things I have and am now not going to need?

I hope that I haven't offended anyone here, I wish you all wonderful weddings and very happy lives. Thank you for all the support you have given me in the planning. I couldn't have done it without you.

Melanie xx


  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640

    I am so sorry to hear about your news and I hope you have your family and close friends around you, to give you support and love.

    Regarding your wedding dress, I would hold on to it for a little while. Would it be not traumatic for you to sale it straight away? There are some second hand dresses website on internet. And maybe when you are ready to sale it, then you can use those ressources.

    Again I hope you will be alright and send you hugs.


  • Your story reads like ours did a year ago. Even though we are back together and planning a second wedding we decided not to do anything at all the way we had planned last time, it felt unlucky. I feel for you having to make all the calls, I can remember exactly what its like and everyone still wanted paying.

    Anyway, back to your dress question. I sold my original dress on sharethedream although I lost a lot of money on it it was easy and I just wanted it out of the house and to have something instead of nothing.

    I found it really easy, had maybe 6 emails and the first woman who came to see it bought it.

    Either way, best of luck with it all xxx
  • Fairll00Fairll00 Posts: 269

    So sorry to hear your news - I really feel for you.

    When I was looking for dresses, I did look on websites like share the dream, so it's worth trying websites like that.

    For other stuff, can you put a mail on here re. what you have or does that breach the rules? This would be the ideal place obviously as there are lots of brides. Maybe you go activate the email me button in your profile and post a message asking people to contact you so that you can tell them what you have available.

    All the best for the future x.
  • Hi Melanie,

    I'm really sorry to hear your news and I hope everything works out for you.

    Snow girl has got a point about asking people on here. You don't necessarily have to advertise but just make it known that you have a dress and how people can contact you - just be carefule about naming websites or including links to any site that it's on.

    Sending you a big hug

  • Hi Melanie

    i have just joined here today and although i did not follow you with the planning of your wedding i am saddened to read you have cancelled yours you must be on a rollercoaster of emotions right now

    i hope you find all the happiness you deserve in the future lots of love

    starflower66 xx
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