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Wedding Invites...when to send them?!

Hi image I am getting married June this year and I have decided to send my invites out in January. I am sure this is v. early but as my reception is on a boat and numbers are very tight so i want to know who can come asap.

I also feel that people think they haven't been invited because they haven't got their invites by now! when is everyone else sending their invites out?

If you haven't got yours yet i highly recommend

It is where i ordered mine, I am going for the design with just a picture of me and my h2h to be on. These designs are beautiful quality, good value for money and she tailored them to our needs.


  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride

    I'm thinking of sending mine out in the beginning of Feb, and putting RSVP for April, I really want to know the numbers so that I can start planning on how many tables etc......

    Nobody but me seems to think it's an issue to know the numbers x
  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    Thinking about sending them out in March.
  • Sending mine in the new year! Can't wait any longer. And putting an RSVP by end of March...
  • Gemma610Gemma610 Posts: 293
    I am sending my day invites out at the end of February hopefully and asking for RSVP by 1st May to leave 5 weeks for the table plan etc. I will probably send the evening invites out in March- a couple of weeks later than the day ones.x
  • Im thinking of sending day invites out in Feb as my wedding is on a Friday and people will need to get the day off work!

    Nite time invites March! x
  • I am really relieved that people are sending theirs out early.. in magazines it says a few weeks before but I didn't want to to wait that long image
  • I am really relieved that people are sending theirs out early.. in magazines it says a few weeks before but I didn't want to to wait that long image
  • clujucluju Posts: 2,843
    probably Jan maybe Feb for the full day, and feb,march for Evening probably. The sooner they go the the sooner we can stop changing our minds about the guest list (we're about 20 over our limit)

    I'm glad others are sending theirs out early too.
  • One of the reasons we are sending so early, are so we can get any no replies and change some evening invites into day invites!!

    And the truth is, I just can't wait!!
  • Hi

    We sent ours out last week with an RSVP of end of janurary as we're getting married in cyprus and need to plan a few things and get an idea of our costs...
  • ImpatientUKImpatientUK Posts: 1,660
    im not getting married until july 08 but we're sending the invites out mid february with a RSVP date of mid April.
  • i was originally going to be sending my invites out in January with an RSVP of sometime in march but i haven't actually finished making them yet. hopefully i will have them all finished by the end of Jan to send out beginning of feb with an RSVP date of the end of march. once i've had the day replies i will send out the evening invites that way if anyone can't come we can upgrade an evening guest and invite them to the whole day without making them feel 2nd choice.
  • I too havent finished making mine and im sending them out sometime the last week of January to the first week of February. Our RSVP date is the first week in March and if Ive not heard anything from anyone im inviting 2/3 days after the RSVP date im ringing them all!
  • jakhat77jakhat77 Posts: 218
    It's reassuring to read all these replies, as I was worrying that sending mine out end of Jan/start of Feb (for June 7th wedding) was going to be really early, but now I feel like I'm normal!! image

    Our invitations and orders of service just arrived and it's sooo exciting seeing this lovely stack of cream and gold cards, and reading all OUR details on them!! Does that sound silly? Just so exciting! image

  • ImpatientUKImpatientUK Posts: 1,660 that doesn't sound silly. on numerous occasions i've gone into our spare bedroom and just looked through all the things that we've bought for the wedding!!
  • PANIC!! Haven't even ordered mine yet and our date is the 14th!!! It's top of the list to sort out this weekend, just can't make my mind up! I'm loving planning everything but the stationery is the only thing I seem to be having 'issues' with. I'll be the same when they arrive though, I'll have to keep looking at them with all our wedding details on, it won't be long now girls!!
  • Hey

    We are sending our day ones out end on jan and rsvp april. i won't send the evening ones out till march time so then if i get a no from the day i can bump someone up! im so excited. 23 weeks to go!!
  • jemcoljemcol Posts: 1,162
    dont worry gembo i havent ordered mine yet either!! shall do this month though and send them end march for mid may reply?

    om gosh when u put it into weeks its scary - 2 for me

  • Hi Jemcol, sounds silly but I'm so relieved to read your reply! It's so easy to start to get stressed with things and i just can't seem to make my mind up with invitations. I think they will take around 4 weeks to come back and I was planning to send them out in March and an RSVP date of May 1st. That'll give us 6 weeks to finalise everything and do the table plan. I'm really surprised how early invitations are being sent out but everyone's plans are different.

    Where are you ordering your from? I am 95% sure we are using the Whole Caboodle. I'm so excited about seeing everything in print!
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