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I'm new here and have just set a date for our wedding of 12th April 2008. We're getting married in Northamptonshire and the only thing arranged is the venue and reception.

I'm hopefully going to get my dress and as much as possible in the January Sales, only 111 days to go which does not sound a lot.

I look forward to chatting with you all over the next few months.

Bec xx


  • Hello Bec!

    I'm your wedding buddy!! Also getting married on April 12th 2008.

    Good luck with getting everything else booked up and choosing a dress!!

    We're from Gateshead!

    It really is scary how close the wedding is getting....16 weeks today!!! OOOOOOHHHH xx
  • hello chick!

    your wedding date is the same day at my reception ( we get married in St Lucia on the 4th April) then doing the normal reception on the 12th for everyone when were home... its getting close now and its soooo exciting.

    do you have any idea what style dress your after?

    i went for Justin Alexander 8158 if ya wanna google it, theres sooo many to pick from !!

    good luck xxxxxx
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