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How was your christmas???

Hi everyone!

I don't know about you but I am loving the time off work!!! (Although its because I am ill - not good holiday pay!) Im full of the lergy which has left me with no voice but able to snore like a donkey thanks to the mass production of plem and snot!!! Hurrah!!

I had a lovely family christmas with lots of wine and choccies! We had a huge BBQ on Boxing Day with all the close family (about 20) which is pretty much our guests for the ceremony so it was good to see how they all got on!

I am secretly glad its all over so the attention is 100% on the big day - is that being selfish???

Hope you all had a merry crimbo! H x


  • Don't think you are selfish at all Mrs allen 2 b

    I'm looking forward now to getting stuck in over the next few weeks, everyone keeps telling me it will be here before you know it !!

    I'm meeting a photographer in the middle of january, I have my 1st dress fitting on jan 16th, the invites need sending and menus to choose !!!!!!

    We had a lovely weddingy day today, H2b took me out and we bought our wedding rings then we went to debenhams to register a gift list, lots of fun and we both stopped and looked at each other at 1 point and said "blimey, this is real now, we are getting married !!"

    Hope you feel better soon xxx
  • rosekate15rosekate15 Posts: 2,440
    Hi Mrs Allen 2 Be,

    No I don't think you are being selfish at all. Sorry to hear you're not feeling good. Unfortunately I am very busy at work due to the SALE season.

    I too am looking forward to the new year just so I can say that we get married "this year"

    120 days to go
  • natjonnatjon Posts: 357
    Definately feel the same can't wait for New year to be out the way to though so Invites can go out. But must have put on about a stone over xmas ( I can't say no to food & booze !!) so really have to work hard now and realising how close it is.
  • SUEDIVASUEDIVA Posts: 1,716
    Hi all, glad i'm not the only one who is wishing christmas and new year over so i can get stuck into the wedding, haha. I had a wobble last night about it all, but think that was down to the fact went to a wedding a couple of days and it was not how i want mine to be at all. But now i or should i say we (h2b) do know what we want now for def.

    We also went wedding ring shopping today. I got mine and i love it so much. Had it on earlier tellling h2b i had to wear it in so it was comfortable on the day lol, he made me take it off after half an hour the miserable sod Heehee.
  • evening all

    sue34 you make me larf, we got our rings about 2 months back and i was like "oooh let me see it on, just once more?"

    mmm its now hidden in the cupboard.... !!

    our xmas was hectic and i was driving about here and there which was what spurred on our honeymoon idea move.. so next xmas i WILL not be the one who cant drink, i will not be the one sitting on the M25 for 3 hours visiting people...


    sorry! and the best bit is weve not told anyone our plans yet...

    oh and im back to work wed (had 18days off) and i really really dont want to go back.......... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !! image
  • memaukmemauk Posts: 656
    hmm wedding rings is one thing we still have to do, hopefully do it early jan.

    as for xmas i've had better but had worse, h2b kindly shared his cold with me that went to sinuse and we were with his family all week, we came home for a rest.

    unfortuantly back to work on wed but don't really feel like i've been off, (mind you i have been doing some work at home so that may be why. hurry up april when i get a week off and will not be working at all!!!!)
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