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Wedding Colours???

So, Ive only just joined and here I am picking your brains already ... but hey isnt that what forums are for? lol

Ive decided Im wearing a Gold dress but Im stuck for another colour to have Im thinking of purple ,,,, like a metalic type???

What do you think?

btw - im not easily offended so comment away ... lol


  • Congratulations!

    I'm getting married 28th March and only started planinng a couple of months ago so not far behind you!

    Purple with gold sounds lovely, really majestic!

    I'm wearing an ivory dress but having burnt red and gold bm's dresses.

    Out shopping today for an outfit for my mum and saw gorgeous bronze bm's dresses which did sway me a bit but sticking to my original choice as red is my favourite colour.

    Good luck and enjoy it! x

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Congratualtions to you too!

    I found the idea for the colours in a bride mag, was just riping out ideas and put one on top of the other and thought hey ... i love it ... lol

    I like the idea of burnt red and gold ... Id love to wear ivory but I just look so washed out in it... lol

    Have you decided on your dress then? I have seen so many I love!!! lol
  • Got my dress about 2 months ago. Tried on loads but you honestly know when its the one. Felt there was no way I could leave the shop without ordering it! Its due in Jan 28th and can't wait to try it on again.

    This is my dress. Hope the link works x

  • Omg that's stunning hun!!!

    I tried on a few dresses ater I had my little girl 2 yrs ago as we were going to origionaly get married in May 07 but before I time to arrange anything I found out I was expecting our little boy in April 07 ... lol.

    Thats how I know gold is defo the colour for me. lol

    I dont even know what shops are in my area ... need to get shot of the kids of the afternoon and get out to some shops.

    Although I have been looking on ebay at dresses and they are so much cheaper than anything else ive seen before but Im just worried about ordering it before ive tried it ... iykwim ... lol
  • Now's the time to look. Sales on everywhere!

    Go and try on as many dresses as you can and then look for them on e-bay. Would be unsure about buying a dress I hadn't tried on. Found that I liked the look of loads on the hanger but didn't flatter me when on. Bought my veil off e-bay though, a bargain £10!

    Love gold dresses, tried a couple on myself. A really warm and flattering colour x
  • With a gold dress I would say something like a deep red or maybe a chocolate brown? Congrats n welcome to the forum! I bought a deep ivory dress initially, ( no 3229)

    but changed my mind decided it was too dark for me so have now bought a different lighter ivory dress lol!! Now trying to sell this one, there r some good sites reasonably priced,, share the dream ..... sell new/used dresses, perhaps u could try the dress on in ur local stores so u now which ones you like the order on line? I bought my bm dresses from houseofbrides, the conversion charts were accurate xx
  • Hello! I'm getting married on 1st March been planning it for 16months and they have flown by!

    My dress is the one in my lil pic but Navy blue not red. My h2b is in the Army so it will go with his No1's (Army best dress) Our colour theme is Navy and Ivory. It was Navy and Silver but the silver has slowly been pushed out lol!! I can't believe next Tuesday i will only have 60 days left. I also have my second dress fitting! God knows why i agreed it for new years day! But i have also lost 16pound since last time!

    Well i hope your all having fun planning your big days image

  • WantThatOneWantThatOne Posts: 1,490
    I think gold and purple go together really well, very majestic like you said. There was a metallic purple bridesmaid dress I loved...

    Have a mac at home so can't post pics direct.

    I'm having whites/ivory and silver with attendants in a purply plum colour - didn't want too much colour as our reception venue is highly colourful!
  • Hi

    Im getting married Mar 28th and wearing gold also! All the men are in brown and my bridesmaid in a real bright orange! It works because of the bridesmaids colouring!! If they were really pale it wouldn't!

    Good luck with it! Purple sounds great!

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