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wedding dress panic!!

Im getting married in ireland- but live in UK. Had found a dress I liked in ireland in August after 5 long days of shopping. I loved it (i think??) but Mam and sis only liked it ( tired out )

I went back this Christmas hoping that a fresh look would settle the matter once and for all- only to find that the shop had sold the sample- and If I wait until it comes back in Ill be cutting it really close for ordering a new one!! Am now looking in the UK as well but Im really panicking! wedding is end of july so I know I have some time- but not much!!:\?


  • TriccytTriccyt Posts: 161
    Hi Nessamarie,

    Can they not get another sample dress for you? Maybe they can borrow a sample dress from another store, I know my dress shop does this. Some places may charge for this but if you go ahead and order the dress then they take it off the deposit.

    Have they given you any indication as to when another one comes back in? xx
  • yes they have ordered a new sample of the dress, should arrive early feb I think- she did say that if I fly back specially then she will take the price of the flight off the cost-but is that enough time do you think?
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