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Help! He's seen my dress :(

I can't believe it I searched so many shops to find my dress, which turned up in the one place I wasn't planning on looking and then today disaster.

We were looking at my new gift from him and seeing if it worked ok (a new wireless mouse and keyboard) and to check some of the function buttons one of which is for photos and so what photo should come up as I go into my photo software but my in my dress. And he was stood right behind me.

He swears that he only saw that it was ivory and strapless but I know he has a virtually photo memory and there is no way that he didn't see more. I'm devastated, bless him he's tried to help but there is nothing that seems to be making me feel better including the wine that I'm currently drinking.

There is just nothing worse than this feeling at the moment. :\(


  • Don't panic!!!

    Men have goldfish memories, give it a few days and he will have forgotten he ever saw it. Plus seeing a photo of you trying on your dress is not even close to seeing you on the day with all your accessories, hair and make-up done etc, so just glug happily on your wine, and go back to being busy planning.

    Enjoy being engaged, it won't be for much longer.

  • I agree. Dont panick! It might have felt like the pic was up for ages but it probably wasnt long enough for him to see much. especially detail etc. Also bear in mind the angle of the screen etc.

    Dont let it ruin things and dont worry! image x x x
  • Thanks guys, I just feel like its taken the last surprise out of the day as we're planning most other things together and this was my surprise for him.

    Its been so difficult not to tell him anything about it I'm so used to telling him everything and then for this to happen. I just couldn't believe it when I realised what photo was up there.
  • PixlePixle Posts: 70
    Seeing a photo of your dress on a computer screen won't show the dress in detail at all. If it's anything like my computer screen it shows up all sorts of flare, which create shadows, and light coming in from outside makes it impossible to see sometimes! An image is just an image. There's nothing more important than seeing you in your dress for real. The only image he will remember for ever is you on your wedding day!

    Happy planning! We get married 2nd August 08 at Goldsborough Hall!!

  • MrsQM2MrsQM2 Posts: 3,723
    My h2b googled something for his job, and the search revealed a posting of mine from this site, he came on and had a quick look at some of my postings and then told me that he didnt want to come on here again and he wasnt sure if I had said anything about my dress!!

    I have in the past put links in to my dress, but have always deleted then shortly after, but not sure if he knows whats its like from any text of my postings?!!

    Either way, if he has seen it and like your h2b seeing a fleeting glance of you in your dress, we will look nothing like we will on our big day with hair make up and that smile that we will wear on our wedding day!!


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