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89 days to go, I can't wait!

Hi ladies

Not long to go for us all now. I have been busy sorting out invitations over the festive period. We are going to the Town Hall in the morning to give notice of marriage. It all seems official now. I would like to wish you all luck with the rest of your planning. No doubt like us, everyone will be wanting your cash soon! ximage


  • WantThatOneWantThatOne Posts: 1,490
    Hi, 89 days for me too! Keep looking at the boxes of invites but putting finishing addressing them off!

    Is your name your dob?? If it is I'm a couple of weeks older than you!
  • 83 days for me yey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone wants our cash now too boo hoo! xxx
  • Hi Buckers2b

    It is my dob. Your the first person I have met who has same wedding day as me. Good luck with everything x
  • WantThatOneWantThatOne Posts: 1,490
    Really! You are the 29th? There are a couple fo us, one lady is having her reception in the hall in the same small town I'm from (I'm getting married a couple of miles away).

    Not had any demands for more money yet but I know honeymoon is coming up for payment v.soon.
  • LizCALizCA Posts: 148
    I'm an 1981 bride on the 29th March too - I thought at 26 I was quite young - glad it is not just me.. My birthday is the 5th Sept though.
  • LizCA if you are quite young I am a baby - I am a 1984 bride!!!!! Will be 23+8 months when I get married lol!!!

    Thats funny Buckers about u knowing someone else getting married a couple of miles from you on the same day, someone on here is getting married the day after me at the same venue! Such a small world isn't it! xx
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