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1st March WIVES !!!

Yikes - what a trip ! Wedding went perfectly, I loved every minute then on Sunday we flew to Rome and have just got back. I can't believe it's all over though- am going to bore everyone with photos and stories for ages. I haven't even signed my new name yet !

More details and pics to follow - how did everyelse's day go???? :\)


  • March08BrideMarch08Bride Posts: 1,993
    I'm not a 1st March bride (22nd!)..but just wanted to say congratulations and to anyone else who is now a married March bride!!! Look forward to see pics x x
  • RRRR Posts: 694
    Congratulations Camlo! Are you doing a report?

    Hope you and your husband had a perfect day and are enjoying being newlyweds!


  • Natalie77ukNatalie77uk Posts: 1,247
    Wow, we have wives already on this forum! Congratulations! Glad to hear you had a lovely day - make sure you write a full report! x
  • Arby1Arby1 Posts: 884
    we had a wicked day too! couldnt fault it!

    back from New York on Saturday - just about over the jet lag!

    am composing report now - pics should be ready soon too!

    congrats to everyone else who did it on 1st March too!! xx
  • HIYA all im a 1st march wife my day went perfectly apart from my son(4year old)fell over bumped his head had to call ambulance,hes fine now,all bruises gone,just finished unpacking,my photos are on, click on "veiw ur proofs" goto debbie n sean, password is 4wed,cant wait to see ur piccies,CONGRTULATIONS to all, cant beleive myself its all overxxxxxxxx
  • March08BrideMarch08Bride Posts: 1,993
    Congratulations Bliss your photo's are beautiful looks like you had an amazing day!

    My turn Sat! x x
  • devilsice1devilsice1 Posts: 140
    I'm also a 1st March wife! Just got back from two weeks at the Cayo Coco resort of Iberostar Dacquiri where we went for our honeymoon. Day went really well, cold but cloudy. The castle looked fantastic which was all helped by both Mother in Law and the wedding planner.

  • your pictures are lovely,you look beautiful devilsice.good luck 4 saturday
  • ames6583ames6583 Posts: 28
    Hi! I also got married on march 1st cant believe how perfect the day was! everyone had a lovely day it was freezing and windy but not a spot of rain which was all that mattered to me! got back from sandals in st lucia on wed had an amazing time. feel so sad that its all finished, not seen photos yet tho so still got that to look forward to! xxx
  • caseyspaceycaseyspacey Posts: 159
    Glad all your days went well. We had a brilliant day too. Can't believe after so long planning its all over now! Was really worth it and thankfully the weather was brilliant too. Honeymoon was fab - Prince Charles was sat 2 rows in front of us on the flight out!! Weird or what!! Still find it strange being a Mrs now! Still got loads more things to change my name on.

    Anyway - also wanted to say thank you to everyone that has helped with recommendations of suppliers and general support over the last year. It has had its ups and downs - but we got there and we couldn't be happier. xx
  • devilsice1devilsice1 Posts: 140
    does anyone else seem as if the day went really fast. Has anyone had their official photos yet??

  • johnsoneacjjohnsoneacj Posts: 255
    Hi, March 19th here. The day was perfeect but it already seems like a distant memory. Beautiful sunshine, smiles all round. Far and away the best of my life. Honeymoon was a week in The Maldives.

    Congrats to you all.

    Hal x
  • ames6583ames6583 Posts: 28
  • why thankyou Its amazing what make up can do...wish I could do it all again image
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