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Anybody in Warrington getting married at the Fir Grove Hotel


Are there any local warrington girls who are getting married at The Fir Grove Hotel in Grappenhall? Would love to hear from any of you .

Sarah x


  • Hi Sarah,

    Im getting Married at the Fir Grove Hotel!! When is your wedding? How far have you got with plans etc??

    Im 28th March 2009 and getting very excited image
  • Hi Annie

    Are you from Warrington?

    We are getting married 30th May so you're before me. Bet you're dead excited! They have done a lovely job refurbishing the hotel, it's gorgeous. Are you marrying at the hotel or at a church? We're marrying in the sculpture garden at the hotel (weather permiting). I will be gutted if it rains i'm really looking forward to the whole day but especially the outside ceremony. I'm doing quite well, i have my dress, photographer, car and little things like shoes, tiara, favors and table decorations. My sis is a florist and is doing my flowers so thats good. Not chose a cake yet or my bridesmaid dresses. How are you getting on? What colour scheme are you having? I chose gold and ivory with lots of gold butterflies. The venitian suite is gold so i thought it would look the best. Are you covering the chairs with seat covers? I really want to but my H2B says no because the chairs are really nice anyway.

    Sarah xx
  • Yeah we went to see the Hotel after the refurb and were gobsmacked! They have done a fantastic job.

    We are having the full lot at the hotel but didnt want the formal sit down meal (Not really formal people!) so the earliest they could do was end of March because after 31st march you 'Have' to have the sit down meal. We marry at 3.30 and having canapes and photos and straight into the evening reception.

    The only other downfall with not having the meal was our minimum buffet numbers for the evening is 180 but we have that many coming anyway (only 30 for day) so not having chair covers for 180 chairs works out around £600 with sashes image and as your H2B says the chairs are new and nice anyway!

    Im having pink and white and nearly done now my dress was the last thing and i ordered that 2 weeks ago, I have a friend doing my cake, another friend doing photos, one doing tans and nails for me and bridesmaids so been really lucky! Done lots myself too like invites, Thank you scrolls, cake topper, flowers etc (im quite crafty ;\))

    Think we will be married in the conservatory as weather will not be on our side in march :\( still looks lovely though!

    I was just worried about having no gardens for photos but everything else outweighs that. Im getting really excited now though!!!

    What dress have you ordered??

    xx P.S Yes we are from warrington x
  • Hmmm, they're very crafty aren't they!! We were told that we had to meet minimum numbers also. Coz we are marrying right at end of May we just fall in to an affordable bracket. Otherwise we just wouldn't have been able to afford it at all as june goes much more expensive. The facility fee alone doubles. We are getting married at 12.30 so we're having the sit down meal, at the moment the numbers are at 53 for the day and around 140 altogether in the evening. The food is costing the majority of the budget. I remember saying to Fergus when he quoted us, "jesus who's the chef? Gordon bloody Ramsey?" and his reply was "he's better!!" haha, he better be!! Actually, i've heard so many great reviews about the food there being out of this world so i guess its worth it.

    Yes you're right, weather may be a bit dodgy in march although knowing this country it will be a lovely day. Anyway the conservatory is lovely too. I felt exactly the same as you about photo opportunities, but the whole venue was too perfect to turn down.

    Great that you're very creative, not only does it save you money but i think it's so much more fun getting really involved. I'm doing my own invites too and i'm making a seating plan myself . There are some really great idea's in hobby craft. I'm in there nearly every day. The staff must think im obsessed! image

    My dress is a Mori Lee dress. How about you?

  • Ooooh Hobbycraft is really expensive, I would recommend 'Craft in time' and its only around the corner on Orford Lane (not sure where abouts you are from but can give you directions!) Its only a little shop but has most things I use and always half the price!!

    Ive ordered my dress from Berketex in the Arndale, Its one of their own designers, I only went to try some on for an idea and came out a hell of a lot worse off image

    Yeah they really put the price up in the summer months but think we got in at the right time because when we gave notice of marriage the registrar said it will be THE place to get married next year!!

    My photographer is a friend so thinking of dragging him to Walton Gardens for a few pics if weather is good!!

    Im having a sweety table too and lots of fun little bits like kids boxes and baskets of goodies in the toilets etc. Im going to be soooo bored when its ll over image

    Have you got any little extras planned or have yu not thought about the details yet?? xx
  • Wow... thanks for the tip. I will be going to "Craft in time" for a good ole nosey very soon.

    Me too having a sweetie table. Not having a choco fountain or any BIG extra's like that. I want to find some sort of afternoon entertainment to keep the guests from getting bored. Early weddings can be a long day. Your's will run perfectly with no one getting restless. I'm thinking of a magician who will mingle freely with the guests doing card tricks etc.

    God I'm just the same as you, i'll be mortified when its all over. Although my sis has just got engaged so i'll be her wedding planner! Do you go to the local wedding fairs? Me & sis went to the one at Walton Hall and then a couple of weeks ago there was one at Arley Hall. They were quite small really but the biggest in warrington is at the De Vere in October. Not sure of date but its in my diary so i'll email you closer to the time. That is supossed to be the best. Think there is one at village next week too. I just go for the fashion shows!

    Were in town do you live? We're in Woolston! x
  • Oh yes please do email me with the date,Not been to any wedding fayres yet ive been mad busy but starting to get more time now so will be looking for a few.

    We are not having anything 'Big' just wanted lots of nice little things that people will remember like having baskets of goodies in the toilets (perfume samples, hand cream, plastes, hairspray etc) kids boxes with crayons and colouring things for them to play with.

    I was also worried that the tables will look bare for the evening (our centre pieces are quite small) so i have made fancy Thank you scrolls with a lovely poem on (thanks the guests for coming to the wedding etc.)for every other space on the tables. What do you have for centre pieces/tables?

    We are from Birchwood so not too far from you! xx

  • Oh and have you thought about a Caricature for the entertainment?? I asked the guy who does them in the Cockhedge and he does weddings, you pay a set price (there are a few options if I remember correctly) and he goes around and does pictures for the guests and its all included in the price you agree with him. I was sooo tempted but dont think we will have enough time betwee the wedding and the reception to fit him in! xx
  • Yes did think of a charicuture. Still mulling it over.

    Because we're having the sit down meal we get the big gold candleabras for centre pieces. Gonna get my sis to make a trailing flower arangement of roses to match my bouquet on the tops of them. Gonna have them lit with some extra tea lights on the talbes. Then i'm going to scatter some gold petals (from hobby craft) and gold butterfly table confetti around the table and place big ivory butterflies with gold glitter on peoples napkins. I've bought butterfly table numbers and place cards too from M&S. Defo having the seat covers for the day with gold sashes. The reason i want them is for the ceremony more than anything. I just think it will look lovely all set up. Back to the centre pieces... dont know if you can keep the candleabras out for the evening so i may do a big church candle in a vase surounded by a circle of tea lights round the outside with my butterfly confetti scattered about. Even if i can keep the candleabras i will do this for the addintional tables that are added. Gosh it's so exciting! I'm a born planner. I've always loved to plan things, H2B must me mad marrying me. xx
  • lelly1978lelly1978 Posts: 56
    Hi Girls,

    I know this is an older post but noticed that your dates have either just happened or are just coming up. How have you got on at the fir Grove, we have just booked to have our wedding there next August. Would love to hear from you!!! and maybe see some pics!!!

    Lesley x
  • how much r the wedding packages at the fir grove hotel??


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