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August 29th ladies!

I have been doing some thinking, and I have decided that today is the day that I am going to start getting totally hysterically excited about the wedding.

It's three weeks and a day unitl the wedding, my hen is next weekend and my best friend arrives from the states the Friday after.

I think it's time to start enjoying the run up to the big day (someone should invent an wedding advent calender thing)

These final weeks should be some of the most exciting times of our lives, so I am going to start getting excited.

Any last minute stuff planned ladies, anything left to do? what are you looking forward to most?

tell me tell me, I am stuck at work and nobody wants to hear any more about weddings! image


  • I'm all done-roll on! It seems like ages away though xxxx
  • Laurenh2bLaurenh2b Posts: 622
    This week in particular has lasted ages. I'm off to my parents this weekend to do all the last minute sutff, I just want to start celebrating!

    your all done? thats fantastic, you can just relax and enjoy the run up remaining stress free and serene!
  • woo get you having it all done! I still have to do my order of service, put a few things on our gift list, send out eve invites (yes I know whoops), buy honeymoon clothes, go for dress fitting etc. Also we are holding our reception in a marquee in a beautiful field right next to our Church, perfect except the field is currently waist high in stinging nettles. Got a bit of gardening to do.

    Ah well if I had nothing to keep me busy I might start feeling nervous instead.
  • Laurenh2bLaurenh2b Posts: 622
    Hey Dorset Girl, we are having the reception (well the start of it) in a marquee next to the church too. I'm hoping I don't sink into the lawn.

    I still have to do order of servies, honeymoon clothes, hairdo, tan, bridesmaids necklaces, little bridesmaids shoes, chat to the DJ, choose some music for the pianist, get the favours, get a little something for H2b and parents, table numbers and table plans,

    oh dear, I better get busy, it's all going to work out in the end though,

    party party party!

  • Hi TheLittlestP, sounds like you and I are in a very similar position. I've got most of those jobs to do too. I've got some days off just before which will help. Lets keep our fingers crossed for lovely weather. In my vision of the day we'll all wander out of the Church under blue skies and sun to our beautiful marquee for champers and canapes. It will be so lovely if everyone can mill around outside. If it's sunny it will be gorgeous if it's rainy everyone is going to wonder why we opted to get married in a muddy field!
  • Laurenh2bLaurenh2b Posts: 622
    I know, it will be fine if it rains, the tent is big enough and it's still beautiful, but the thought of trying to get around in wellies while we watch the lawn games float away is playing on my mind a bit.

    It's going to be amazing whatever happens, don't worry.
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  • claireapclaireap Posts: 20
    Hi Ladies

    I have only just started to get excited myself.. 3 weeks tomorrow, I can't believe. 2 weeks today I finish work and 2 weeks Monday we fly out to italy image Woohoooooo It's been a long time coming!
  • Laurenh2bLaurenh2b Posts: 622
    those heel stoppers are great, they do them at the dress shop so I will pick some up when i go go get my dress.

    It'a a Friday night, im getting married in three weeks, party!
  • catseyesukcatseyesuk Posts: 1,821
    hiya im another 29th girl and im so so nervous i have loads left to do, ended up having surgery on tummy in may and it set me back for 3 months.

    got to do favours, hair, make up, gifts for parents and moh, am havin a boudoir shoot for h2bs pressie, place cards need writing out, music for ceremony needs to be put oncd, and then of course it all needs paying for lol!!

    oh also nails and eyelashes to be done.

    im never gonna get it all together lol!!

    what are everyones venues? mine is
  • 8 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Only 8 days to go and still so much to do! I have got to finish my table plan sort the bridesmaids dresses out (final fitting) finish my Order of Service write my wedding photo list sort out the choir in the church find a piano (my brother found us a pianist but not got a piano!!) apart from that i need to pay everyone and then I have got to organise my tables in the marquee how I want them next week

    I cant wait it is so exciting

  • soon2bmrsdsoon2bmrsd Posts: 394
    I can't belive the day is nearly here!!! Its my last day at work today and am just so excited!!!
  • How did it work out with the marquee in a field? we are thinking the same thing for our wedding in July 2013.... but are worried about the weather - even if it is in July!

     I am wanting the outside of the marquee to play a big part; haybales and a campfire etc - as well as canapes/champagne am worried that if it rains, we will just be in a wet field, in a marquee! image

    The problem is in Dorset, we dont want to travel miles away from our Church in Sturminster Marshall and also, alot of the "manor house" type venues charge so much just for basic hire!





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