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Renewing vows

Anybody out there who got married in August 09 really want to renew their vows even if it's way in the future? I do!!


  • Minnie128Minnie128 Posts: 186
    I like the idea, but we didnt have a religious wedding so I guess it would not be possible, but a party to celebrate would be fine. Planning on doing one for my little one 1st birthday in France and inviting everyone who couldnt make it to our wedding in the UK. When did you get married Welsh_happy? xx
  • We got married aug 22nd 2009. We had a church ceremony but u can have a civil ceremony to renew your vows. Our local civic centre/registry office does it. The party you are having for ur little one sounds great. An excellent idea. I guess the next get together we'll have is a christening and that's only if I manage to conceive this year.
  • macysmummacysmum Posts: 3,230

    Long time no chat.

    Strange that a website i was on every night feels so unfamiliar now lol.

    Yes i definately want to renew my vows.

    Thinking of doing it in Gretna.

    I left my job last year and am now at uni training to be a nurse and thought it would be nice to renew after i qualify.

  • KimmybobKimmybob Posts: 1,580
    I am too thinking of renewing our vows next year... Vegas. image woo
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