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I really really like the nissi beach hotel for my summer 2010 wedding.

Although the website for the hotel is great I cant decide where to have my evening reception.

I definantly want my meal outside but am undecided on the disco/reception whether to have it inside or outside.

Has anybody else got married here?

Would you recommend booking the wedding direct through the hotel or through a cypriat wedding agency?


  • k4l5i6k4l5i6 Posts: 113

    We are getting married there in May 2010 and have booked through a wedding planner there as we didnt hear very good things about going through a travel agent, although some people do have a good experience with them, i prefered to do it with a planner!

    littlemiss x
  • uptonbrideuptonbride Posts: 48
    Wow I didn't think you could book for 2010 until the brochures were released next year?

    What wedding planner have you used?

    Have you had to pay a deposit and confirm any other details other than your chosen venue and date yet.

    Thanks for the good news i'm really excited

  • k4l5i6k4l5i6 Posts: 113

    Well we have pre-booked, as our date cannot be confirmed until October, so its kind of just waiting to have our date confirmed! We have paid a deposit etc, but also we cannot book the reception area we want until we have a set date, which is driving me mad as I like to be organised!!

    We have used Kerry at Aisle of Love, but have heard there are a few planners that people recommened in Cyprus!

    When abouts are you planning in 2010?

    I am hoping to go out there next year to have a look at the hotel and hopefully meet Kerry!

    Good luck, it is sooo exciting!!! x

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  • uptonbrideuptonbride Posts: 48

    Thanks for the reply. I have got in touch with kerry and we are trying to reserve a day in june 2010. I haven't heard back from her though as I think they are pretty busy.

    I want a reception here in the UK, which again I can not book until the dates have been confirmed and the holiday booked in April.(dont they understand that us brides have no patience and we want to be organised.)What hotel have you picked?

  • k4l5i6k4l5i6 Posts: 113
    Ah thats really good to hear! Yeah I think this time of year is pretty mad for them.

    I have chosed Nissi Beach Hotel, what about you?

    Yeah we are the same, we want a reception when we get back... I hate not being able to organise things!!!

  • uptonbrideuptonbride Posts: 48
    I have chosen the nissi beach hotel too!I'm counting down for April 2009 when the brocures are released!I've been trying dresses on and I think I've found the one but i think people think im mad because the big day is so far away!

  • im looking to book a wedding in cyprus for june/july ish 2010. i really want to book a date now as im so inpatient. i really like the sound of aisle of love wedding planners but i fancied getting married in paphos.
  • k4l5i6k4l5i6 Posts: 113
    Excellent! It is a gorgeous hotel and i have read some fantastic reviews! I am hoping to go there next year to have a look... fingers crossed! Noo if you think you have found the dress then go for it! Im trying hard not to go and try any on yet until it has been confirmed... although i am sure i will cave in before then!

    beadlesbird there are loads of planners that sound really good, if you do a search you will probably find some that others have used!

  • i found one that is called cyprus weddings (i think) but on this chat room everyone has been so pleased with kerry from aisle of love. is there anyone that has used cyprus weddings
  • Hey ladies,

    I am unbooking my UK wedding and going to cyprus.. I have been talking to Kerry from Aisle of love. She has been fab so far.

    How much have you paid to reserve your date? Also can you get married mid week im thinking a wed or thur so gives us chance settle in for a few days and have a few days after the wedding to all spend together.

    We are keeping our wedding October coz we have paid for the reception in the UK just gonna go away and do it 2 weeks b4 our party back ere. Just dnt want lose my £500 we paid haha

    So glad we can all keep eachother posted! yipppeee! x x
  • k4l5i6k4l5i6 Posts: 113

    How fab is that!!! I cant remember how much I paid excatley, about ???????260 i think!!

    I think you can get married any day except sat or sun, but Kerry should know!

    Its nice to talk to others getting married abroad in 2010! x
  • awh ta, its mad how you have work everything out in euros, we will be like supper good at working out money when we are there haha.

    Have you all picked anywhere you fancy having your wedding yet?
  • k4l5i6k4l5i6 Posts: 113
    I kno im already getting confused with it all!

    Hopefully Nissi beach hotel in the gaezbo. What about u?

    How come you changed your mind from having it in the uk? If you dont mind me asking! x
  • Hey Little miss,

    Coz we started to do all the sums and it came to 17k and i nearly passed out. We are planning on buying my parents house where i grew up coz they want a ikle house. So we can't afford to spand that much on one day.

    So in passing convo with my dad he mentioned going away and doing it. So i sat thinking about it and came on ere and got some quotes they where coming up about £4k to have it abroad. So we just decided it would be fab and everyone is made up and looking forward to it.

    I think i went for the church wedding at first coz i'd always thought thats wat i wanted but more my mates kept saying they are getting married and i was going go abroad it would be fab i realised i actually wanted to do it that way not the old fashion church reception way.

    This way i get wear my dress 2 times so least we get that added touch! yey x x
  • k4l5i6k4l5i6 Posts: 113

    Well that sounds reasonable! I never looked into getting married here, so i wouldnt have known how much it would come to! Ive always wanted to do it abroad and if i had it my way i would run off with just h2b and me to do it!!!

    What kind of reception are you having for when you are home? We really cant decide what to do!

  • uptonbrideuptonbride Posts: 48
    Hi Mrs Poole TB. We only paid a small deposit to the wedding planner to start the process, think it was £270 to kerry.As far as I know cyprus only offer mon-fri weddings so that will fit in with your plans.x
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