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Getting married in April 2010?

Anyone sharing April 2010 as their big day?:\)


  • Jo73ukJo73uk Posts: 60
    Me!!! On the 24th. What about you?
  • dolly197666dolly197666 Posts: 117
    Me too!

    I'm the 24th

    JO73 is my date buddy

    Hi Jo XXXX
  • jackiemukjackiemuk Posts: 148
    i havent quite decided on the exact date but definately one saturday in April - might join you girls on pick 24th also lol
  • joanne1977ukjoanne1977uk Posts: 141
    hi, I'm the 23rd so I miss you all by a day!.

    Where are you all getting married we are going to santorini greece for our wedding. Can't wait but it's driving me mad waiting!!!!!image
  • dolly197666dolly197666 Posts: 117
    Wow greece sounds lovely.

    My venue is a 17th century farmhouse it's beautiful and it's only 2 miles up the road so no one can complain about travelling!!

    And it's still used as a farm and they have a pet centre so when the kids get bored they can go and play with all the animals! :\)

    I know what you mean it seems so far away but time flys and I'm sure when it comes around we'll all wish we had more time!

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  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    I'm in April too! Hopefully on Friday 9th, in Mexico!!! Need to wait until October to book it all when the new brochures come out from the travel agents for 2010 - so wish it would hurry up, I want to get on with things! xxx
  • joanne1977ukjoanne1977uk Posts: 141
    arm sounds nice and a good idea for the kids I don't think there will be that many kids at ours about 6-8 depending on if parents want to bring them or have a nice quite holiday for themselves.

    Flowermoon ( hope this was your name i've forgotten already )

    Do they not have wedding planners in mexico?, i booked my greece wedding with one over in greede and booked it all in feb/mar maybe you would at least have your date set.

    Talking of dates my mum told me last night that my cousin has planned a wedding in st. lucia for Oct 2010!, mabe my only 2 cousin won't be coming to my wedding nor m aunty i don't think they can afford 2 hoildays in 6 monthsimage
  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    Hi Joanne,

    They do have planners in Mexico, but we will be booking the wedding package through the travel agents rather than direct with the hotel, so I need to get that done first. I will be in contact with the hotel planner as soon as we have made our travel arrangements, as I know it can take months for the likes of Thomson to confirm the date, so will definitely be pushing it through myself!! xx

    PS Greece sounds lovely - so have you booked the wedding separate to your travel arrangements? xx
  • joanne1977ukjoanne1977uk Posts: 141
    yeah it's all booked separatley everyone can sort there own travel and accomadation ,though I'll give them a list of hotels airlines websites etc....and I'm booking the reception myself when we go and see the place next easter.although our wedding planner is lovely I feel it seems to be expensive like we will get married at 1 but wanted to keep the photographer untill sunset that's costing us 1,000 euro extra.I'm guessing the cake will cost more to as I think that it will be quite a big wedding ( of mostly h2b family ).
  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    Hi joanne

    the thing I love about the Mexico option is that the hotel is all inclusive and they will book us into the a la carte of our choosing for the evening - all so easy! I don't think I'd have a clue where to start if I had to be finding a planner out there and booking a reception separately!

    I'm sure your photos will be worth the extra - taken at sunset they will be stunning! xxx

  • Scots-girlScots-girl Posts: 26
    Im a April 2010 bride too!! yay, so glad there's more of us!! Sat 10th is going to be my big day image
  • hi girls ,

    im also getting married in april 2010 on saturaday 10th. how much planning have you girls done so far? were going to pay our deposit for the venue in the next couple of weeks tho we have provisionally booked up. would be nice to know how much others have done .

  • annrobinsonannrobinson Posts: 154
    im on easter saturday (3rd april). Am totally wedding obsessed dunno if i could sustain it for another 21 months lol Have booked venue, sorted wedding and bm dresses, got band and have firm ideas about flowers and decorations. Love my favours they are lindt choc bunnies with the collars changed to match my bm dresses. Our theme is spring so lots of yellows and lilacs and easter eggs
  • hi,

    our theme is also spring, were going for greens for the bridemaids dresses, tho havent yet looked at any. so green and cream flowers i think. were did you get ur dress from ? i feel so un organised. booked in to see a photographer next sat evening and then back to the reception venue to pay the deposit mid aug. really excited, however the prospect of saving so much money is slightly daunting.

  • annrobinsonannrobinson Posts: 154
    hey steffir, the prospect of saving all the money is also worrying me. As a teacher i was able to pick up exam marking to make additional money. between may and june i marked 700 gcse religion exam papers. was actually eating breathing and sleeping exam answers for 7 solid weeks as well as working but in a few weeks time my bank balance will be nearly 2 grand healthier

    i got my dress in ireland near my mums house it was actually the cheapest of the 4 i tried on at 690 its a bargain and half the price of my second fav dress.

    we're having our bridesmaids in a lilac colour and we'll all be carrying yellow roses. as well as the choc bunny favours there will be baskets of cadbury mini eggs on all tables in littlle straw baskets. Just to be extra naff we're having mini yellow fluffy chicks on each place card (you know the lil chicks you played with as a kid)

  • hi scots girl and smithesbabe

    im also getting married on 10th april 2010! cant wait tho started to have family members getting slightly too involved already. not booked anything yet but will do the venue soon and a photographer, we have decided that we want to go to thailand for our honeymoon but thats about it, how have ur plans gone so far,.

    smithesbabe what date are u getting married? 700 religious education exam papers that sounds like a total nightmare! although i have pulled in a few extra nite shifts at the hospital already to get some extra cash.

    how many guests are u both planning to have at your wedding? any ideas about moneymoons yet?

  • EmlulanEmlulan Posts: 8
    Hello all, definite date not set yet but roughly 8th April 2010 in Jamaica. I'm so glad i've found this forum - i'm soo excited but its so far away!

    Smithiesbabe- - I too am a teacher - extra marking for money is a brilliant idea!
  • EmlulanEmlulan Posts: 8
    Ooh almost forgot, CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!
  • lizzie85uklizzie85uk Posts: 420
    Hey, congratulations everyone! We're getting married on 16th April 2010! So pleased there are starting to be lots of us! We've booked the venue, cars, photographer, and mens suits - also starting to squirrel away decs, teehee! Smithiesbabe, your chocolate bunnies sound so cute! Where are you getting them from? Am loving planning the day, its so exciting!! xx
  • hi girks,

    ive got a wedding photographer coming round on sat evening to show some of his work (so exciting), going next week to pay the deposit for the venue, ive become addicted to looking at bridesmaid dresses on house of brides web site, and there so much cheaper than when u buy them from the uk or a uk store. so am seriouly looking in to doing that. we have booked our videographer also as they get booked up really quickly. so i feel like im getting somewhere now.

    all starting to get exciting now and we have also decided upon having our honeymoon in thailand, which looks amazing!

    how are u all getting on , i rang one compnay about cars and they dont take bookings until jan 2009 so i cant do that yet tho i really want a 2 door beauford, feel in love with one at a wedding fayre.

    anyone else getting married on aprrl 10th 2010

  • gwawrg123gwawrg123 Posts: 1
    OMG! I got engaged only last week and have (hopefully!) decided on the 3rd (Easter Saturday) as our big day, but seeing you've all done so many arrangements already, I'm starting to stress out!! Arghh! :\?
  • congratulatoins, where are u planning to have your wedding? what are your plans ?

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