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Does anyone else have a small wedding budget?


I've just been reading around some posts on various different threads and i'm starting to feel like part of the minority who are working on a small budget. I've just looked at some posts where people are budgeted to like 16k or 20k. OMG!! I could only dream of that. Mine is about £6000 - £7500 (the upper figure relies on getting an xmas bonus at work 2 years in a row - not likely!)

We're in the process of setting our wedding for June 2010, the reason for the 2010 is we're having to save save save, I'm squashing every last penny out of my purse to go into "the wedding pot". (I earn more than H2b, so an saving double what he is)

Does anyone else have a smallish budget? I've alreay have to bin all the nicest wedding brochures cos the venues were too expensive (gorgeous tho), i've slashed the guest list down by about a third and our budget doesn't even include a honeymoon. image

I think i'm stressed! image sob



  • nutytartnutytart Posts: 141
    Hi Jo,

    We only had a small wedding budget, we were thinking of £8,000 with a honeymoon!! We were going to try and get around it by having a late wedding and then having a reception without the meal, this way we would cut on on the majority of the cost, but still be able to have all the nice things we wanted and have all the people we wanted there. The only reason we havent done this is because H2B's parents offered to pay the difference so we could have the sit down meal, which as you can imagine we are soooo grateful for. Even now we only have a budget of 10,000 for the wedding, with 2,000 for the honeymoon, sounds a lot but as you know its not that much in the grand scheme of wedddings!!

    The best advice i can give you is not to stress out too much, however you decide to save money, it wont detract from your day, or how special it is to you both, or to your families. I think what i sometimes forget when i am wrapped up in these flowers or those favours, is that the day is about demonstrating how much i love my H2B and how much we want to spend the rest of our lives together. It sounds corny, but i think as long as there is loads of love, it doesnt really matter if there isnt so much money.

    H xxx
  • shellslnshellsln Posts: 14
    hi im working on a litte budget to weve got 2 small kids 4 ad 2 years of age so not a chance of really saving to be honest

    we couldnt afford a wedding in the uk even if we wanted one! luckily we both love the idea of going abroad so thats what weve decided july 2010 in maurtius and itl be costing around your budget to and the plus side is wel already be on honeymoon image xx
  • Kelly06uk1Kelly06uk1 Posts: 244
    Hi there

    We are getting married 4th Sept 2010 and our budget is only £5,000-£6,000 as we are saving like mad and we have a small kid aged 18 months. We are getting married in the UK which isn't bad and we are going to ask for travel vouchers for our honeymoon as gifts then go and book our honeymoon
  • Hi there

    We are getting married 16th May 09 and our budget is only £7,500. We are getting married in the UK and so far managing to stick to our budget. Its all a case of what is most important to you, expensive invitations that people will throw away or an extra four people at the wedding breakfast! We are doing a lot of decorations, the invitations and cake ourselves which cuts out a lot of expense. Rope in a few of your creative friends. But most of all, enjoy planning your wedding! xx
  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671

    our budget is the same as yours!

    firstly ebay for all sorts! over the next few years it ll become your best mate!

    i have other websites that can help!

    i found that the D.I.Y plan is the best!

    where are you based?

    sabina xxx
  • ZoebroadheadZoebroadhead Posts: 112
    Hi there,

    We are working on about a 10k budget (absolute max - and I mean that!!!!) but would really be more like 8k.Thats including my Pronovias gown but not a honeymon (you can see where my preferences lie!)

    We are getting married in Barcelona and we are not scrimping on anything really,although our party is alot smaller than one would expect. We will have about 40 people thereand every penny will be spent..

    Then, when we come back, we will hire a bar out or something and invite everyone to come and have a drink with us, but I won't be paying for finger foods!!! People can buy a kebab on the way home! LOL!!!

    I wouldn't worry though, there are always ways around it to cut costs. Mine was to get married out of England because my word, everything is extortionate!!!!!

    Good luck though and look after the purse strings!!

    x x x x
  • Din_saysDin_says Posts: 226
    our budget is smaller than anyone else who has responed, so dont worry about it, were not having the meal just getting married as late as poss then having a nice evening buffet, luckily my mum has offered to buy my dress, but were not going over the top. dont worry it'll all be ok xx
  • Hiya,

    Thanks for the replies, its nice to know i'm not on my own lol. Its really annoying how much people will charge you for things just because it is a "wedding". Guess they know its most little girls dreams to have a nice big wedding.

    Sabina, I'm living in Lincolnshire but I am going to be getting married in the North East as thats where i'm from. We are going to be moving up there too but just not sure if that will fall before or after the wedding, it depends on my job. Knowing my luck it will all happen in the same week. Grr.


  • vickyjane86vickyjane86 Posts: 488
    Me and h2b have a budget of about 5k and thats max. We have a 2 year old and I'm doing my nurse training as well as working part time and him working all the overtime he can so we can save hard. We are getting a little help from friends and family, my mum is buying the dress and bridesmaids dresses etc and we are asking for donations towards a honeymoon instead of wedding gifts (we already have a toaster and saucepans lol)
  • katahnyakatahnya Posts: 3
    Hi, we are not going to have a large budget. I've been checking at venue prices and getting together rough figures and are looking to spend under 10k (10k being the absolute max). We won't be having a proper honeymoon as I don't really want to leave my daughter behind so are planning on having a nice weekend together then a summer family holiday instead so that should save some money.
  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671

    hiya hunny i can do some research for you if you like? get you some quotes etc! use the link to email me what you want! i have a few places which i use for work that are good for bargains!

    this is open to anyone by the way!

    i am always happy to help!


    i know how you feel its why we are asking for holiday vouchers!

    sabina xx
  • Ours is £3000 or £4000 at a push!! So far we have the church and reception for less than £1000, my dress and shawl was £100 together (EBAY), flowers and decorations for the reception £100, favours for guests £65 for 150. h2b's parents are paying for the entertainment, bridesmaids are buying their own dresses, h2b's got a bargain photographer friend =] and my mom's getting a deal on our cake, but if it's too pricey we're going to make our own! You'll be fine honey really Xxxx
  • phil-and-clairephil-and-claire Posts: 1,407
    Hi all. My budget is £8K .... and that everything. We have worked out its sooo much cheaper getting married abroad, so we are doing it in Barbados. Keeping it very small and closest friends and family.... then having a reception when we get back - skipping the whole big dinner thing saves a fortune. If anyone has any good websites to share, please do send me an email ... coz even though I dont have the dinner and seperate honeymoon to worry about I am still stressing out!!! One big expensise is mens wear .... extended hire and then hiring again for the reception means its cheaper to buy!!! xx
  • WoodysMrsWoodysMrs Posts: 359
    Hi Jo,

    Like most people on this thread, my budget is £6k, 7 at a push. We are lucky that h2b parents have offered to pay for the wedding breakfast which we are so grateful for as it is a huge expense. So far no honeymoon has even been consdiered into the budget as we are both in the forces and we might not be able to get one image boohoo Im so so excited though..hurry up 24th July 2010!!!
  • I've just had a few days off from thinking about wedding stuff which has been nice, was good to chill out for a while. lol

    I'm off next week to look at 7 venues in 3 days. Yes 7!!

    Does anyone have any advice about what kind of questions i should be asking? I'm hoping to have the rough guest list by then of people going and needing hotel rooms etc.

  • natg82natg82 Posts: 16
    Hi 2010 brides!,

    I'm on a budget of 6-7k too, plus we really need to try and squeeze the honeymoon out of that too. I had settled on having just the evening buffet as couldn't afford to do the wedding breakfast and evening buffet at the places we were looking at. We vistited these places but weren't to keen on them. I widened my search and the type of venue and found a country farm house b&b with a nice really flexible menu (whatever we want basically!) and much more affordable prices. It may not be what we had originally planned , but I think we will have a lot of say in decoration, layout, food etc. So I think the best thing is to go with an open mind and look at as many different types of places as possible, even things you think aren't typical wedding venues.

    Jo - Good luck with the ones you're viewing. As for what questions, I just sat down and thought about what was important to me, e.g decorations/flowers at the venue (as I want to do as much as I can myself to keep in the budget!), how late can the DJ play until, etc and anything which could affect cost - do you pay extra for crockery/cutlery etc ?


    i am working on a smallish budget of £9500, but to be able to afford more details for the wedding I was thinking of having a gift list with a travel agent so that guests can put money into the honeymoon as a gift. we already have our own home and have everything that we need. It means that more or less all of that budget can go on the actual wedding.

    I hope you do not get too stressed.

  • pootyukpootyuk Posts: 137
    i agree with all the girls here, and not to let the budget worry you, there are loads of ways to save money, if you just get creative, rope in the creativity of others, and also think outside the 'wedding' box. You are right that everything with the word wedding atatched to it the price tag tripples. For example if you got for a venue like a hotel or something youa re stuck with their drink prices and their food prices, but if you wenta different route you could do the food yourselves (and still have a sitdown meal - think food stations where poeple go and help themsleves and then go back to the tables) and get the alcohol yoursleves - booze cruise! if you went for simple but beautiful flowers you could get them from the market at half the price, you could even cut down the entertainment - you ould create your very own wedding playlist on your ipod - that would be fun putting it together ith your h2b with all your favourites on it. If you know someone who bakes get them to bake you a simple but yummy cake andyou could decorate it with anything you wanted from ribbon to fresh flowers! i have loads of money saving ideas, so if you want anymore let me know!!
  • aug2010brideaug2010bride Posts: 1,448
    hi i also have a small budget 8k max.i have only invited close family and friends to the ceremony,having more on the nite time.i have saved loads by looking on the invitations,favours,tiaras,veil all sorts from just need to have a good look.we are asking for holiday vouchers for a wedding present as we have 2 children so we dont need anything.with the wedding being far ahead it is giving us time to save.try not to worry about will all fall in to also getting married in the north east.
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