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Where is / has everyone brought their dresses from? ive seen a few online that i love but dont trust that it would be the same when i got it has anyone else brought a dress online and can reccomend a site?


  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671

    i ve got mine from a stockist of theirs!

    mine is in the gallery on page 3 its in a green colour called taboo

    i am having it in merlot!

    where are you from?

    sabina xx
  • shellslnshellsln Posts: 14
    its lovely!!! ive just seen 2 lovely dresses from there aswell im in devon hun where abouts are you? im too excitied about looking at dresses lol i dont know what il do about the bridesmaids though as il have a 16 year old sis 4 year old daughter and 2 year old friends little girl theyl be making the trip out so i though its the least i could do! image
  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671
    hiya hunny sorry been so busy had to move! still trying to sort the internet out lol!

    i am in poole/bournemouth!

    i am having my 2little girls as special b/ms they are having dresses in my dress colour! (merlot!)

    my 2god-daughters as flower faries in a cream (i think)

    &4/5 others they all range from 2 - 39 years old (lol)

    so i am opting for different styles! all in a champagne/gold

    the adults are having tea length (i want them to be able to wear them again) i think we are getting them from additions!

    i got all excited looking for dresses but the b/ms dresses did my head in! i started off with 8 then it went to12 so i distributed some to other jobs!

    sabina xxx
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