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tried some dresses on, love essense

hey girls well i went dress shopping today with my maid of honour, and oh my gosh it was such an amazing day our appintment was at 1pm, we went in , i was told to put tags on all the dresses i wanted to try on, then they took them all upstairs for me, were offered drinks ect, it was lovely, the first dress i tried on was this

Not the gold one but the one in the small boxes next to the gold one called its a stunning dress and i loved it, love it loved it, plus the size 8 fitted me perfectly and as ive only just gone from 12 to a 10 i thought it was brilliant image

i tried on 2 others from essense range which i also loved and one from ella that i hated didnt help it was an 18 and i couldnt even keep it held up! lol

then i tried this one on from essense range again which ive been watching on the net for a few months now and cannot belueve i finially managed to try it on andwow i love it love it, but although i really believe its the one i dont want to put deposit down as this was just my first shop and want to look around for a bit , the shop said that essense dress will be in till after xmas so theres no rush image here it is

it looked amazing on , i tried it with a veil too a cried with my maid of honour soppy old beggers haha! was a lovely moment!

just thought id sharezxx


  • mrshampson2bemrshampson2be Posts: 1,690
    That is a beautiful dress!!

    Glad you had a nice day, I'm hoping to go in a few months when i've (hopefully) lost a bit of weight!!
  • flowermoonflowermoon Posts: 2,035
    I love that Essense one too!! Just made my appointments to try on Essense in August!! xx
  • sounds like you had a fab day !!! where was the shop you went too ? x
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