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Has anyone had any ideas of what to use instead of table numbers when doing seating plan???

Was thinking of using different hotel names in Las Vegas, (i.e. - mirage, bellagio, luxor etc). H2B proposed in Las Vegas & i think weve chosen to go back there on r honeymoon for 4 days & then travel onto somewhere else like Hawaii for 10 days.

Was also thinking of maybe names of flowers as another option, has anybody else thought about this? x


  • ameliegukamelieguk Posts: 10

    You could use city names you visited tohether, songs, films and maybe books you both like and share.

    also, you could use street names that have been significant for you both.

    Best luck!

  • christyo1987christyo1987 Posts: 295
    im having a natural theme throughout my wedding with greens and creams etc plus flowers etc so i am thinking of having flower names as my table names and having the name printed over an image of the flower.... you could do that for hotels, cities also???
  • Im having the word love but in different languages. Even though our theme is butterflies and navy!
  • ElSebukElSebuk Posts: 842
    there are so many options - I think there is another thread on one of the chatrooms with loads of things like: film quotes, dogs, flowers, colours/shades, butterfly (diff kinds, with info), cities, places - there are so many options.

    I think a table name rather than number is a great idea, because then theres no 'I'm at table 3 but your only at table 6' type thing, and it makes it loads more personal to you.

    Las Vegas hotel names is a great idea image
  • j2bej2be Posts: 134
    Where having Ilove you in different languages xx
  • dls3084dls3084 Posts: 285
    We are having flower names and the flowers are going to be the centre piece of the table
  • pootyukpootyuk Posts: 137
    I like the vegas hotel idea - also as most of them are one word it's really punchy! and very cool.
  • Now-Mrs-WNow-Mrs-W Posts: 46
    As we're getting married in the costswolds, think we're gonna call each table after one of the hills.

    The Vegas Hotel idea sounds like a lit of fun!! xx
  • nutytartnutytart Posts: 141
    i got engaged in new york so i'm having places in New York such as Central Park, Rockerfeller centre, Times Square etc.

    I think naming tables instead of numbering them is a great idea!
  • bec19ukbec19uk Posts: 424
    We're having our tables named after things to do with Arsenal FC (h2b massive fan) e.g The Emirates etc x
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    We are thinking of having table names too, I love lillys and was thinking about different types of lilly. Will have to swat up on my gardening though as I can only think of 3!
  • katkins12katkins12 Posts: 481
    We're naming out tables after places/events that have been special to us - including the cliff edge where h2b proposed!
  • WoodysMrsWoodysMrs Posts: 359
    we're having either names of castles in scotand or famous lochs image Our theme is scottish hehe
  • try here for lilies

  • Hi Nat 83

    I think your Vegas theme is great because it's personal to you.

    I went to a friends wedding last year, She's from Sheffield and the wedding was in Derbyshire but he's from London and their table names were all cockney rhyming slang, with them sitting on "Trouble & Strife" of course!!!

  • I considered getting married in Vegas and thought about the casinos and resorts as table names! But now i am going with Mauritius, I have no idea what to do!
  • We are going with different wedding traditions i.e. a something blue table etc. My friends had tables named after different boxes of chocolate then had that box of chocolates on the table.
  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    We're having different theatre lights as our table names as me and h2b are both lighting technicians, the top table will be the lighting desk that would control all the lights hehe
  • Legas hotels names are great. We're staying at the Bellagio on our honeymoon then going to Hawaii too!

    We're having names of whiskey malts as our table names since we're getting married in Scotland at a Castle.

    Some of my friends have places they'd gone on holiday together, or if they were doing a cruise for their honeymoon places they were going to. Another friend had cocktails names.

    I'd heard about a ceremony where they had sweets as their tables names and put great big bowls of marshmallows, jelly babies, flying saucers etc as their centre peices. Great names and something to snack on.
  • SarahToddSarahTodd Posts: 298
    I have had lodes of ideas for this but eventually settled on films as my hubby to be is a film fanatic.

    The ones that didn't quite make it was music idols, towns (my family and friends are from all over the place so I was going to theme each table from the town those people where from) and last but not least the anniversary idea i.e. silver, ruby etc.

  • Oh my god I can't tell my H2B about your Arsenal table plans!! Lol he would absolutely love it! He is already chuffed cos we are picking red as our theme for the bridesmaids etc and he thinks it's because of Arsenal image

    He has already asked if we could have arsenal players as table names to which I said no! We have decided on beatles love songs as our table names. We are using the title of the song and then underneath writing a bit of the lyrics. It's a bit of a compromise as he is a Beatles fan too. xxx
  • nikdunknikdunk Posts: 81
    We've not settled on anything definate yet, but famous band members from our favourite bands was suggested eg Dave Grohl, Tom Morello, Chino Morino, Brandon Boyd, Serj Tankian, Flea etc as H2B is a bassist in a band and music is his life. Not sure how it'd work though, or how well it'll go down with the MoB, but we'll see. We've got 2 yrs to work the idea on her lol.
  • Love the idea of using hotels from the strip - we're going fro famous 'unconventional' film stars like lassie, chewbacca and dumbo!
  • Your idea sounds fab! We are having different champagnes as our table names so i am going to have to learn to spell! i think names are great as they are a bit different and also give people something to talk about to break the ice!

    Good luck x

  • npluntnplunt Posts: 96
    'Jillsmith6' - we are thinking of going back to vegas for our honeymoon then onto Hawaii, we loved vegas it amazing, want to try and stay in the Bellagio or the Mirage - all the hotels are fab there thou.

    We were laughing the other night as i think a new hotel just been built called hooters, H2B said we can give that name to his friends table lol (im sure they'll be pleased!!!) When do you get married? x
  • bec19ukbec19uk Posts: 424
    Mrs Green2010- I should have been strong like you and said 'no' but he caught me off guard! I wanted tables named after our favourite chilohood films e.g Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins but I'll let him win on this occassion. Now when I want something I have bargaining power! 'You have the tables named after arsenal things dear...' whilst fluttering my eyelashes should work image

  • Yeah I am sure that will work Bex image The Arsenal theme will look good anyway and your H2B will be chuffed! Let me know what names you come up with, When do you get married? x
  • we're going to vegas on our honeymoon too (and h2b is going on his stag, he loves poker!) so i was thinking a vegas theme too- was going to use playing cards, but im liking the hotel names idea alot! i went to a wedding at the weekend that had 'liverpool legends' for theirs!
  • Cairej03 - German for Butterfly is Schmetterling - It is one of my favourite German words as something so delicate sounds so harsh - it makes me smile.

    We are naming our tables after parts of Central Park which is where he proposed. We were originally thinking of naming them after parts of New York but when we found the venue which is in the Cotswolds we decided that the park suited the country vibe more than the city names did.

    A friend named her tables after the cartoons we watched growing up - so there was the Thundercats table and the racoons table etc - it went down a storm.

    I definitely prefer naming the tables as it stops a sense of hierarchy and lets you put your own personality in it.
  • whistlemytunewhistlemytune Posts: 1,666
    We didn't want our wedding breakfast to be too formal, so we are going with Only Fools and Horses characters (because we both love the program).

    Del-Boy will be the top table (of course)




    Uncle Albert

    and Grandad

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