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What should I do??

Bit of a long story but here goes!!

Me and h2b are getting married in 2010, we are having no kids apart from bridal party.

My mum and dad split up when I was 8 and I went to live with my mum, mum remarried and had another child, my sister molly whos 11, I love her to bits, she will be a bridesmaid.

My dad also remarried and went on to have another 3 girls my half sisters.

I never see them and the youngest doesnt even know who I am.

You may think this is bad on my part but every time I try to visit my dad always comes up with an excuse as to why I cant go round.

Ive been with my h2b for 4 years and they have never met oneanother!!!

I dont class his children as my sisters and to be honest I dont want them at my wedding, h2b also feels the same.

My grandma (dads mum) whom I also hardly see is saying that they arent just any kids they are my sisters so should be allowed to come to the wedding!! Also as my dad will be at the wedding there will be noone to look after them! Shes also saying that as im having my sister molly as a bridesmaid shes a kid so she shouldnt ne allowed either!!!

I really dont know what to do, h2b is stucking to his guns, I dont want to be bullied into having them there but feel like this may happen.

Thanks for letting me bore you, youre opinions are very welcome.

mrshb2b xxx


  • aug2010brideaug2010bride Posts: 1,448
    dont let anyone bully you into changing anything.stick to your only haveing my 2 kids and my baby neice at our wedding.there is no reason why you should invite your dads other daughters if they dont feel like famliy.just let people know what you want and ask them to respect your wishes.

    the joy of families eh??
  • mrshb2bmrshb2b Posts: 187
    yeah, you cant pick em!!

    I just dont want every1 falling out which I fear may happen.

    When are you getting married? x
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