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Any 2010 Brides @ Kingscote Barn?

Any Kingscote Barn brides out there?

We've booked for 17th July 2010, just want to know if there is anyone else out there. :\)


  • We're hoping to go and see it next month - may I ask what prices thay ave you as compared to the 08/09 ones on the website? If we book it i'll let you know.
  • skatshortskatshort Posts: 8
    I'm getting married at Kingscote Barn on 22nd May 2010 and i can't wait. The barn was the first venue i visited and i fell in love with it as soon as i walked through the door.
  • We're getting amrried on 29th August 2010 at the Kingscote. It's the only venue we looked at in person (did research online first) but just knew it was the right one as soon as we arrived. I'm so excited! Which caterer are you going with? Do you have any ideas on decorating it?
  • Hi all

    I went to a wedding on sunday at Kingscote Barn and it was lovely, it is such a nice place.


  • We are using Crown Catering, their great!!. Went for food tasting the other week as we have a general idea of what we want and it was amazing. I would highly recommend them.

    I'm going for a shabby chic style and i'm off to South France on Monday so hopefully i'll pick up a few bits & bobs for our wedding. What are you thinking of doing?
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