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I'm getting married in October '09

Hi all,

I am getting married in October 2009, church, venue, photographer, videographer and car all booked and I bought my dress 2 weekends ago! I am so pleased image

I found so many dresses I liked and was struggling to imagaine how I would choose one and then I found 'the one', I am so glad I tried on so many styles etc as when I found my dress I knew it was it. I am getting very excited now as it has given me theme ideas and I am starting to think about my cake and flowers etc. I only have one bridesmaid so we will be looking to choose her dress soon, let's hope we can agree as our styles differ greatly!

Is anybody else getting married in october 2009 and gettin very excited already like me?!



  • this is a "im getting married in 2010" forum so i dont think you will find any lucky 2009 brides here!!
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