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Dont know what to do?


I tried on dreses last week and found the one of my dreams. Put the order down but havn't paid the deposit yet as my mum was getting a cheque to pay for it. I have been doing some searching today and found the same dress at over £150 cheaper at another shop in the area. I have emailed the first shop about the price difference. Do you think it is ok to do this as the dress is expence as it is. bit of a difference dont you think?

Please advice

H x

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  • Go yeah I would def say it. What did you say in the email? I think it would ok if you even just said look I really do want to buy off you but I have seen the same dress for this much cheaper and wonder what your position would be on this. Are you willing to match the price?! There's no harm in asking, I most certinly would!
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    Thats kinda of what i did say.I asked the lady at the cheaper shop and she dsaid that is the RRP price of the dress so that is what she sells it at alterations are £40 cheaper too hummm still stuck. I will have to see what the shop says.
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    I'd definatly go for the cheaper one - i'm sure the original shop will understand that as brides we need to save the pennies wherever we can!!

    I'd be surprised if they dont price match it - sure they wont want to loose the sale.
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