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OK, so we've been engaged for 2 years now and decided last month to get married.

Decided on 2010, September (though still no definate date).

My question, ladies, is when does the excitement kick in? We have nothing booked yet (going to see venue next weekend, band on hold until then) and although I've been collecting ideas and googling like mad, it still doesn't feel "real".

Am definately marrying the right guy, no doubts there, so what the hell is wrong with me??

Is this normal? Will this change once we start booking stuff??

Opinions please!:\?:\?


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    I say it is very normal. We got engaged in Jan 2007 and we didn't look at booking anything for a year, but like you I was busy looking up things, but i felt like i was a little girl playing 'wedding day'!

    It got real when we found our venue and booked our wedding .we went to see others before we found the one we have, but it still didn't feel real. Once I had the date and the booking form it was completley different.

    Now it feels really real as we have sorted quite a few things out already. We both have a countdown time on desktops that shows the number of days till the wedding and H2B is making a tool for our desktops that shows how much money we have saved and how near our target we are!!

    I tink the reality and excitment will go up in stages.. I'm guessing in January it will feel more real as we can say I gert married next year, then why I buy my dress, etc.

    Hope that helps to put your mind at rest that its normal!


  • Sorry, not an "I'm getting married in 2010", but anyway!

    To me it's only start to feel REAL this week - my nerves have started kicking in! We submitted our notice of marriage on Wed (getting official now!), were finalising arrangements with the hotel yesterday & it's my hen weekend in 6 days!!! The time we have left is just flying by and I feel like it'll be no time until I'm walking up the aisle! image
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    Thanks for that, girls.

    Was beginning to think I was abnormal! image
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