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It is officially 2 years to the date until our wedding! I'm so excited my head may explode! I can now say 2 people that it's less than 2 years until the wedding! Hehe! Nobody seems 2 b sharing my excitement but thought u ladies would!!!




  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    Lol yeh I had that about 2 weeks ago - no one else seemed to 'get it'.

    It is now like 23 months and 2 weeks til my wedding lol.xx
  • i get it i get it having a bbq tomorrow!!!! we have a right to celebrate!
  • Im getting wed in one year 10 months and 10 days Im begining to think its not actually that far away. it will be a year and a half before we know it! wahoooooooo. I think I am obsessed with the big day as I think about it every day and quite often dream about it too!
  • bec19ukbec19uk Posts: 424
    Woo hoo! I can't wait till my 2 years to go date. 28th August isn't too far away though, definitle excuse for a partyimage x
  • cathsummerscathsummers Posts: 1,090
    hi ladies - sorry to gate crash but i had to comment! i get married in Sept 09 and booked my venue in Sept 07 so had two years and now i am almost at the year point and the time is flying by! 2 years is not that far away and trust me it will be here before you know it - esp when you hit the 1 and a half year point! good luck with the planning x
  • bec19ukbec19uk Posts: 424
    Aww, that's great to hear image it feels ages away but when I think we've been engaged now for 7 months that has flown by!
  • todddatoddda Posts: 25
    hi i am getting married 24th july 2010 as well. i too was very excited yesterday told everyone at work and even sent text messages to all my friends, mum and h2b how sad am i . cant wait just seems ages away at mo.
  • Hehe I did exactly the same thing! Nobody else seemed 2 b as excited though! Lol! Glad I'm not the only one!

    It is amazing how fast the time goes though!

  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    I'm really excited about mine and glad this 2010 forum is here so that we can all share our excitement.

    I give my wedding date in months to people as it sounds less time so i have 17 months to go till mine yippeeeeee
  • nikdunknikdunk Posts: 81
    I've just passed the 1 yr and 9 months mark!!!! I was saying to a male friend last night that it's a yr and 9 months till the wedding and i was excited and he looked at me and said so it's almost 2 yrs then. What came next was a mini argument that almost 2 yrs is the wrong way to look at it... it sounds like you're counting up, not down, to the big day. He just didn't get it.

    I might copy you on saying the months and not what it is in yrs..... 21 months to go!!!
  • mrshampson2bemrshampson2be Posts: 1,690
    103 weeks and 5 days!!!

    Sooo excited!!!
  • clairemblackclairemblack Posts: 2,922
    17 months to go!!!! MEGA excited - glad it's not just me!!!!
  • SquitSquit Posts: 363
    hey ladies, im so glad that i can share the excitement with you all! Its ace to think that in 2010 we'll all be wives! I can't wait! Its so nice chatting to u all about it too! good luck with all the planning xxx
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    Hey ladies, wait till you get to the one year mark, I reached that day the other week and it was a fab feeling!

    I was bouncing around work all day but no one else seemed to get it, just thought I was nuts! Hehe image
  • i'm getting worried now... we've just booked our date 5th June 2010, everyone seems to have 2 years.... aaaahhhhh, how much time do you really need to plan? i'm so excited but nervous now....
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