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Hi ladies, im getting married new years eve 2010, ive had mixed reaction, some say it will be lovely xmas theme etc, others say its a bad idea mixing our celebration with new years eve, please give me your thoughts, good or bad

xxx happy planning everyone xxx


  • ChoccyaddictChoccyaddict Posts: 655
    I think it'll be fab, I normally think NYE is a big let down but to go toa wedding would be fab and would be such a great party xx
  • baby-babybaby-baby Posts: 1,877
    i'm in the not sure camp! I

    f it was a close family member or close friend then I think it would be lovley, as everyone would be together for NY....but if say i was a second cousin or a friend that wouldn't really know anyone else there then I prob wouldn't go.

    You may also end up with Plus 1 issues as people might say I'm not coming if I can't bring a plus one as its new years eve and I want to be with tem on New Year.

    But thats just me. xx
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