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I want to shout about it.

My fiance and I have been engaged for 5 years (and also together for 5 years - I knew he was the one I wanted to marry immeadiatly, luckily he did too as after a month of dating he popped the question!)

We have FINALLY set our date after setting up home together a year and a half ago. And I am so happy I feel I could burst sometimes!

I am just a bit upset with him.......he works with a very large team of people whom I sometimes socialize with. He doesn't really like and get on with everybody (he is one of the managers so I guess this is understandable). So not all of them will be invited to the wedding. Just our favourites!

But he is telling me to keep the whole thing quiet so he doesn't upset them (as they will expect to be invited!) I just want to shout about it, but I am having to be really careful what I say to people in case they find out and start hassling him. I can't even discuss it on my facebook!

I am just getting frustrated why can't they just stop getting involved and understand it is OUR wedding, we are on a tight budget and not all of them will be coming. But more importantly, why can't he be man enough to just say that to them if the cause a fuss for goodness sakes. I hate having to keep it quiet.



  • Nice rant!!! im just fed up of all my old school friends who read about it on my facebook suddenly asking me what time they should arrive! in the end i removed all wedding malarkey off my page & now just have to blag it when they come up to me in the pub or in the street!!! the cheek of some people amazes me!
  • Mmmm ... the joys of facbook eh. I am inviting who I want and have made that clear on my facebook wedding book by saying "small wedding in Barbados, and an intimate party when we get home" or words to that effect .... sod them I say!
  • MrsWallMrsWall Posts: 285
    Thanks guys - I just wish he would tell them so that when they ask me about the wedding and stuff I don't have to lie. But by the sounds of it you guys are agreeing that I might regret putting anything about it on facebook?? lol image

  • The magic words are "small, intimate, family. closest friends" I also throw in pying for it ourselves for good measure when appropriate.

    I'm pretty old school - I wait until I am invited before I assume i'm going - amazes me that people just think they are automatically invited!
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    Hey Mrs Wall 2be image it doesn't matter how many people you invite, you will ultimately end up offending someone coz that always happens at weddings but at the end of the day its YOUR big day and you should have as many or as few people there as you want! Everyone else can get lost! Most people who have organised a wedding or had input into a wedding will understand how difficult it is to know who to invite but there always has to be a cut off point or you'll end up with millions of ppl there! I understand how u feel about keeping quiet about it tho coz I'm exactly the same as the ppl I socialise with are all married with kids so aren't very interested in my plans but luckily my old school friends are there to talk about it till we're blue in the face! just make it clear to people that its an intimate day and tough luck if they're not invited-lol! image hope u have a lovely day and good luck xx
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